An Update on My 2015 Goals {and a giveaway!}

First 5k

In January I created a list of things I was considering in 2015. This year has gone by so fast, and suddenly it's July! I figure it's time to check in with those goals. I'm excited to see that these "goals" as opposed to resolutions have actually been successful. 1) Have a Morning Quiet … [Continue reading]

I Wish they were All Three Day Weekends


It was a rough week to focus on work with hot, sunny pool weather, and a holiday coming up.  To make it even more difficult to be at work, J and his family went camping all of last week, but I only had Friday off for the Fourth of July. It made every hour of sitting at my desk feel torturous. I got … [Continue reading]

Great Posts for your Holiday Weekend Reading

I am sure you have lots of exciting plans to enjoy the sunshine and watch fireworks today. So while you lounge on this holiday morning, feel free to … [Continue reading]

Glacier View Peak

I made it to the peak!

A couple months ago, J planned a super sweet surprise date for me at Glacier View. We made it a mile or so into the hike and to a lake along the way. … [Continue reading]

Love for Everyone

SCOTUS Gay Marriage

You can read the whole decision here. Or you can read a summary here. Image credit @pang. Mic drop. … [Continue reading]

What it’s like to take the Bar Exam

The blog searches for bar exam experiences have started again, which can only mean one thing. The bar exam has started torturing a new set of future … [Continue reading]

Happy Father’s Day


For a long time, parent holidays were hard for me. But God can redeem anyone and any relationship. I want you to know that I'm praying for all of you … [Continue reading]

My Journey to Having a Quiet Time – And 5 Tips on How to Organize One

See this Photo on Instagram

I became a Christian in high school. I had been to church as a kid a few times, and even went to LDS church with my Great Grandma as a young child. I … [Continue reading]

Why You Should Put Down Your Drink

Canvas Sale

*I received a canvas in exchange for an honest review. The links in this post are affiliate links. My opinion was not impacted by this free canvas or … [Continue reading]

Five Ways to be a Twitter Queen

Hi everyone! A long time ago, Whitney asked me to hold down the fort for a little bit while she hung out with her BFF Erin. At that time I'd only … [Continue reading]