Not Getting What You Want…

going through a breakup

It might be cheating for a Wordless Wednesday post to be a screenshot of words, which was my original intention with this post, but I posted this on Facebook yesterday and felt the urge to share it here. That photo was September 1, 2012, taken in a SLC Nordstrom after a very sweet makeup girl asked … [Continue reading]

September Goals

Monthly Goals - September

It's been awhile since I've shared my monthly goals, and with the seasons changing here in the Pacific North West, it seems like a good time. Here are a few goals I hope to accomplish during the month of September! (PS. Where has this month gone?!) Healthy Living 1. Workout 3 times a week My … [Continue reading]

Why I Chose this Area of Law


Recently, someone asked me straight out why I chose the area of law I did. Since I moved back to WA state in September 2012, I've practiced in areas … [Continue reading]

Our Inexpensive Weekend Getaway

tips for a cheap weekend getaway

Remember when I told you that J and I made financially responsible weekend plans? Apparently I forgot to tell you how that went! We went to the … [Continue reading]

Surf the Web Saturdays – v. 21

great blog posts

It's finally Saturday! Yay! I get to sleep in today for the first time in awhile. Like I told you yesterday, I was supposed to be out of town this … [Continue reading]

Filling in Cancelled Plans – 5 on Friday

Adult Coloring Book Sheet

It's Friday! Yay! This week has felt really fast and really slow all at the same time somehow. It was filled with random, unplanned events (see #1), … [Continue reading]

Free Prayer List Printables for your Quiet Time

Free Prayer List Printables Quiet Time Prayer Binder

I've written several times about the Prayer Binder I've used to have an effective quiet time. In the main Prayer Binder Tutorial Post, I show you how … [Continue reading]

5 Tips for Running your First Color Run

5 Tips for Running Your First Color Run

Before we get started today, don't forget to enter to win The Tank Man's Son and a $10 coffee shop gift card! Last weekend I participated in The … [Continue reading]

Surf the Web Saturdays – v. 20

great blog posts

On Saturdays I share awesome things I've found while surfing the web! This morning I'm running a 5k. Yes, another one. Somehow I got talked into doing … [Continue reading]

The Gripping Memoir You Need to Read this Summer (The Tank Man’s Son + a Giveaway!)

The Gripping Memoir You Need to Read this Summer - The Tank Man's Son

*I received this book in exchange for a review and this giveaway. All opinions are authentic and my own.* "His guns, his tank, his carplane: all … [Continue reading]