Life After Life {Book Review}

Life After Life

*I did not receive anything in exchange for this review. I just read it with my book club and wanted to share. There are Amazon affiliate links in this post. When you purchase using one of these links, it helps support WMSB.* Life after Life by Kate Atkinson is an amazing book about a person's … [Continue reading]

5 on Friday – TGIF!

Girl's Day!

It's Friday! Yay! This week has been totally exhausting so I am looking forward to a glass of wine 9.5 hours from now. So, let's talk about Five AWESOME things that happened this week instead of dwelling on the stress and lack of sleep. ONE I'm running a 5k tomorrow! I'll be participating in The … [Continue reading]

5 Goals You Can Set at Any Time to Improve the Rest of Your Year

How to use a free app to create achievable goals

I did not set New Years Resolutions this year, but I did outline a few goals that I was considering as 2015 began. So far, those goals are going well … [Continue reading]

For Your Saturday Morning

Great blog posts

It's time for another edition of posts I loved this week. I was very intentional about the progress and investment I want to make on my blog this … [Continue reading]

I’ve Made Financially Responsible Weekend Plans


This weekend, J and I were talking about going boating. I kept the weekend wide open because it would be the first weekend he and I could really spend … [Continue reading]

An Update on My 2015 Goals {and a giveaway!}

First 5k

In January I created a list of things I was considering in 2015. This year has gone by so fast, and suddenly it's July! I figure it's time to check in … [Continue reading]

I Wish they were All Three Day Weekends


It was a rough week to focus on work with hot, sunny pool weather, and a holiday coming up.  To make it even more difficult to be at work, J and his … [Continue reading]

Great Posts for your Holiday Weekend Reading

I am sure you have lots of exciting plans to enjoy the sunshine and watch fireworks today. So while you lounge on this holiday morning, feel free to … [Continue reading]

Glacier View Peak

I made it to the peak!

A couple months ago, J planned a super sweet surprise date for me at Glacier View. We made it a mile or so into the hike and to a lake along the way. … [Continue reading]

Love for Everyone

SCOTUS Gay Marriage

You can read the whole decision here. Or you can read a summary here. Image credit @pang. Mic drop. … [Continue reading]