The Fireplace Incident – Part 2


... See Part 1 of this story here. One of them, who clearly handles stress better than I do, grabs the fire extinguisher from our hallway heads in, and puts that fire right out. ... Fire extinguisher dust is everywhere, my apartment smells like a camp fire, I can't close any doors or … [Continue reading]

The Fireplace Incident of 2015 – Part 1


I moved into a new apartment about two weeks ago. I bought one of those duraflame logs the first weekend I was there. I've been really looking forward to relaxing by a fire, but I've been super busy and by the time I get home it's too late to light a fire that will last five hours. I've had a … [Continue reading]



May your weekend be filled with rest, relaxation, adventures and naps.  I  am looking forward to a get together tonight with some friends of the BF, … [Continue reading]

I Created a Stitch Fix Monster


I started a new job in November. Because I'm now in house counsel instead of an associate at a firm or agency, I'm not surrounded by the stereotypical … [Continue reading]

My First Trip to the Washington Coast


I had the itch to get out of town, again. After our snowy adventure, this California girl needed to see the beach. So on a rainy Saturday we hopped in … [Continue reading]

Pampering Yourself During Debt Repayment

Cape Flattery, WA

I haven't written a ton about it here but I am on a super strict debt repayment plan right now. I've scheduled out credit card payments the day after … [Continue reading]

Things I’m Considering in 2015

Port Townsend

  There are a few goals in 2015 I know are resolutions, but a few I just want to focus on and accomplish. First, I want to get back on … [Continue reading]

A look Back on my Last Siesta Scripture Memory Team


I picked my first verse for the 2015 Siesta Scripture Memory Team last night and it brought back happy memories from 2011 when I participated for the … [Continue reading]

Happy New Year!!


May your 2015 start with sparkles and champagne, and continue on to be just as festive and blessed! What are your resolutions? … [Continue reading]

My Family Vegas Birthday


Like I said in my last post, on thanksgiving I bought a spontaneous flight home. The cheapest flight in December was conveniently my birthday! My … [Continue reading]