Pampering Yourself During Debt Repayment

Cape Flattery, WA

I haven't written a ton about it here but I am on a super strict debt repayment plan right now. I've scheduled out credit card payments the day after I get each paycheck for the next few months. This is so I don't have the opportunity (in theory) to slack on my debt. It is a lot harder that even I … [Continue reading]

Things I’m Considering in 2015

Port Townsend

  There are a few goals in 2015 I know are resolutions, but a few I just want to focus on and accomplish. First, I want to get back on track with having a quiet time. I was so solid and consistent on this for so long. Then, 2014 came along with it's chaos¬†and instability (in a good, but … [Continue reading]

A look Back on my Last Siesta Scripture Memory Team


I picked my first verse for the 2015 Siesta Scripture Memory Team last night and it brought back happy memories from 2011 when I participated for the … [Continue reading]

Happy New Year!!


May your 2015 start with sparkles and champagne, and continue on to be just as festive and blessed! What are your resolutions? … [Continue reading]

My Family Vegas Birthday


Like I said in my last post, on thanksgiving I bought a spontaneous flight home. The cheapest flight in December was conveniently my birthday! My … [Continue reading]

Last Minute Flight Home

This amazing group of people made Thanksgiving away from family SO FUN!

On Thanksgiving Day my little sister was sending me photos of her and my Dad cooking Thanksgiving Dinner together for the first time ever. Then my … [Continue reading]


Sometimes, a little over 10 years after you moved out on your own, you think you're really independent and super strong. Then, your little sister … [Continue reading]

Inspiring Things I’ve Read Lately

Great blog posts

I discovered this great finance blog after Sarah wrote a guest post on another blog. I LOVE it. She wrote about How to Fail at Your Big, Hairy, … [Continue reading]

Adventures in Real Life

My first time crab fishing.

These are the sort of shenanigans I've been getting into in real life: I've totally failed at updating you all about them! I started a new … [Continue reading]

From Day to Night Little Black Dress

eshakti dress

Earlier this summer I was contacted by eShakti. They asked if I'd review an article of their clothing. After checking out their site, I knew I had … [Continue reading]