The Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration 2012

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I spent the evening looking through the pictures from the Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration (aka SSMTC) from a couple of weeks ago. It was such a wonderful weekend! I wish I had been more brave and taken pictures with some Siestas. For some reason I didn’t take a single picture with anyone else.
Maybe it was because I forgot my hairspray and the Houston humidity was determined to make me have flat hair in Texas. I couldn’t believe it!

The SSMTC had two hotels we could stay at for a group rate. The Best Western was full so I “had” to stay at the Omni Resort. It was so gorgeous! That bed… let me tell you… was just GLORIOUS, which was good because I was trying to force myself to sleep with my body thinking it was still 2 hours too early for bed. When I got there I snooped around, and then headed to lunch.

I ate at the Cafe on the Green and was shocked to see the sprite the waiter brought me was in a GLASS container. It was a little too high class for my J. Crew sweater and airport funk. The meal was delish and I just couldn’t get over the adorable ketchup and mayo containers.  The grounds were gorgeous (how cute is that phone?!) The hotel had black swans. I’m terrified of any bird that floats… ducks, swan, geese… so I didn’t get too close but they were beautiful.

I showed up to the celebration at 5:15 because I thought I would get more lost along the way. I mostly sat there by myself rather awkwardly, but it was OK. Before the Celebration started I bought a new bible and a super cute coffee mug from the Houston First Baptist Bookstore. I could have bought every single book in there. When we signed in we even got a super cute gift! 
[[cell phone pic]]
Beth Moore ROCKED it (obviously). I wish I didn’t get anxiety in crowds or I would have sat front and center to soak everything about her in. But I met the sweetest girl Louisa, who adopted me into her family with her sister, mom and grandma. It was such a blessing to meet all of them! I also met several siestas along the way. After the first day each region had a group picture taken. While the other regions were taking pictures the rest of us were able to drink hot chocolate, eat cookies and sign the scripture memory wall. The hot chocolate was DELISH and they had two fantastic bowls full of marshmallows. 

The Scripture Memory Wall was super cool. I don’t have great pictures of other people signing it (didn’t want them to think I was creepy… haha), but I took a picture of mine.

The Celebration was over WAY too quickly. After we listened to Mrs. Moore finish up preaching on Sunday, Travis Cotrell lead up in truly incredible worship. I left the church right after that because my flight was scheduled to leave at 3:30 and I knew if I stopped at ikea I’d spend way too much money and run out of room in my suitcase. As it turned out I got INCREDIBLY lost along the way. God took me on the scenic route back to the airport, which brought me to this scene that I was able to pull over and capture. It was so pretty.
Thanks to getting lost, the rental car company I used charged me a bunch of extra money for being 30 minutes late. A sternly worded email later I received an apology and a refund, so all is well there.
The weekend was so, so awesome and I can’t wait to see our group pictures we took with Beth. I was standing in the very back so I don’t even know if I’ll be able to see me, but just knowing I actually got a picture with her is so cool. The only problem with the SSMTC? I wish EVERY WEEKEND was spent with my siestas. 


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