My First Night in Salt Lake City

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Earlier this week I told you that I spent the weekend in a hotel in a totally different state than Small Town.

I needed a get away, but couldn’t afford to fly to my typical place of peacefulness and reflection (which is the beaches of Southern California).  I decided, somewhat on a whim, to go to Salt Lake City.

I’ve only been one other time, and it was to go with the Boyfriend to Cabela’s. Let me tell you, ladies, my idea of a fun time is NOT 5 hours in Cabela’s, and I had no intention whatsoever of stepping foot inside of it on this trip. haha

I realized when I booked my hotel that by Friday afternoon I’d be so exhausted, the last place I would want to be is the office. I asked for permission to take a half day, and received the joyous news that Small Town takes the Friday before Labor Day as some sort of city holiday. We all got half days anyway. #win!

You should be able to see the city skyline here.

I arrived to the city looking just as gloomy as I felt (glad I packed my bathing suits… ahem). It felt pretty fitting to drive through a flash-flood style flood, to be emo and honest.

I stayed at the Sheraton in Downtown Salt Lake. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, I would highly recommend it.  They have free parking, gorgeous rooms, comfortable beds and in the lobby there are big comfy chairs that are rocking-chairs in disguise.

Half-way to SLC I decided that I was going to eat all of the food you can’t find in Small Town and set on a mission to find Indian food. When I asked the front desk if it was safe to be a girl walking around alone in town (it is) the sweet front desk girl told me they have a FREE shuttle that would drive me around. 

I ate at the Himalayan Kitchen. SO GOOD. Let me tell you, SO GOOD.  I ate until I couldn’t eat any more and had to force down the last two sips of wine because I was so full. 

It is not really in my nature to stroll around aimlessly, but I wanted to know what was around the hotel.  There were several bars, various sandwich shops, and gorgeous buildings along the way. My first plan was to find somewhere to read after dinner, but my iPhone was dying and I figured the safest thing for me to do would NOT be wandering around a new city after drinking another glass or two of wine, without a cell phone.

I spent the rest of the night in the lobby (I intentionally chose a hotel without free wifi in the rooms), updating the blog, researching things to do on Saturday, and people watching. 

I’m lonely. My heart is sad. But I am at least content to be in such a fun city. I feel pretty blessed to stay in a lovely hotel, too. And so, my journey on finding the blessings amidst the heartache went well on Day 1.

PS. All pictures are from my iPhone because I can’t find my camera cord anywhere.

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