My Solo Vacation to Salt Lake City, Continued.

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Last month I shared with you a bit of the weekend I spent in Salt Lake.  After the (ex)Boyfriend asked me to move out I knew I needed to get out of town and get some perspective. As I said, I stayed at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel. The room was gorgeous. They are apparently known for their beds, and let me tell you, the rumors are true. I slept like a baby in there!
I was also really impressed by whoever designed their bathrooms. The shampoo, conditioner and soap were already in the shower. I can’t be the only one who forgets to move them from the counter, right?
The hotel was in a fantastic location and I was able to walk to and from downtown super easily. The first night I had some amazing Indian food at Himalayan Kitchen. I walked back to the hotel from there and was super impressed by the artwork, architecture and general vibe of the whole downtown. I had no idea that Salt Lake City was so cool!
The next day I knew that I had to go take a picture in front of the temple for my grandma.  While I am not LDS, her side of the family is.  I knew she would be so happy to see a picture of me there.  So Saturday morning, after the mandatory initial trip to Nordstrom, I walked across the street to check it out.
The temple was (clearly) gorgeous. Temple Square itself was incredibly peaceful, despite the many, many people walking around and checking out the sights and information.  I saw at least six bridal parties. There were people from all over the world.It was for sure an experience.  I even found my great grandma and great grandpa’s wedding in the records. I did realize, too late obviously, that while my dress covered my shoulders, it was definitely much shorter than the legit LDS gals. Hopefully it didn’t offend anyone.

All in all it was a peaceful afternoon and if I hadn’t moved to the PNW, I would definitely be making another trip over to SLC!

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