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For the final two weeks leading up to the bar exam, Where My Soul Belongs will be supported by a team of fabulous bloggers who I graciously call friends of mine. They have come to rescue me from the pit of bar exam torture and take one thing off my plate – writing here. The problem with the bar exam is that it is so awful. I love blogging and I love this blog. Therefore, it is VERY easy for me to hang around here and twitter and chat with all of you guys instead of studying.  This blogging community makes me feel so blessed. They have totally come to my rescue.

The Bar exam starts on Tuesday so I am genuinely coveting your prayers right now.

Kassi writes about ‘all things lovely’ on Truly Lovely, a blog she shares with her sister, Kayli. They talk crafts, recipes, DIY and a little bit of every day life. Kassi lives with her hubs and two doggies in Arizona AND is a mommy to be this coming summer! You can also find Kassi on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Hi there loves. I am thrilled to be babysitting miss Brittany’s space while she’s off studying and what not!! :)

Today I’d like to introduce you to our latest project over at Truly Lovely… A few months ago I read a book. Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber. In short it’s about a group of ladies that each make a list of 20 Wishes.

Things that they really want to do. Fun things. Happy things. Things like buying a pair of red cowboy boots or traveling to a foreign country. Not things they have to or ought to do… Like paying off bills, exercising more. Although a 5K might be a fun one. ;)

Anyway, that struck me as a fun idea. But I let the idea go for awhile and didn’t think of it again until late October. That month one of mine and Kayli’s closest friends lost her dad in an accident. We were both fairly close to him having grown up just down the street… Visiting his house often, spending time with their family throughout our entire lives. He was my long distance running coach in high school… I share this with you because it struck a chord in Kayli and I. Life is short. Life is not guaranteed. And although we both believe this life is not the end… You still HAVE to work with the time you have however long that might be.

So, we decided to write OUR own lists of Twenty Wishes. The time limit is through the end of this year, December 2013. Setting a time limit gives us an end goal to have our lists completed. A goal that really prompts you to mark those things of your list!

Kayli and I have both shared our lists on our blog, you can see mine here and Kayli’s here. Then once a month we host a link up. Here’s where you come in… We’d love to invite you to write YOUR own list and link it up with us! The current link up can be found here. Again focus on things you truly want to do! Things you want to see, things you want to experience. Those things you feel like you should do aren’t meant for this list. Things like going to the doctor/dentist/whatever-not-so-fun-thing we all know we should be doing but haven’t can be put on another list. This one is for the things you really WISH to do.

Truly Lovely

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Kayli and I both have 30 Before 30 and 25 Before 25 lists… We’ve kept these lists, but hope that our twenty wishes list will coincide somewhat. These lists are great, but they include both things we wish to do and things we ought to do… Plus for each of us it gives us a few years to get them done… Something that isn’t very conducive of ACTUALLY doing any of them. ;) Am I right? Thus, again, the December 2013 time limit on our Wishes List.

We also would like to invite you to join in our monthly progress link ups. You can then write about the wish(es) you’ve accomplished over the last month or any progress you’ve made towards your wishes. Kayli and I plan to photograph the completion of each of our wishes, so we have something concrete to look back on later! If you haven’t accomplished anything don’t fret… Some will take the full year I’m sure, and that’s OK. But the ENTIRE point is to do these things before December because you never know how much time you have left.

We’re not requiring you to follow anyone, or visit anyone… that’s not the point of this. But if you do have some extra time and are looking for an AMAZING new blog to read, we highly recommend each of the ladies that have this far joined in our project! We have really enjoyed getting to know more about them so far!

We’ll also be hosting ‘guest posts’ as it were from the closest people to us in real life, including our mom and a few close friends. We really WANT everyone we know to get on this Twenty Wishes train. Get those things done that you’ve always wanted to do!!! Do them now, with us!

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