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Every other week I try to share posts and articles that inspired, encouraged or taught me something.

I’m participating in the May 2013 Blogging Challenge to be more intentional about blogging. The goal is to write three posts a week every week. I basically already do this, but I want to stay focused and motivated on the content held in each post. That’s what this challenge is about.

Megan wrote an inspiring post about partnership in marriage. I normally don’t read (or later link) blogs about marriage because there is a tendency that I will feel bitter or jealous. But this post gives me a soul of hope that us single girls are waiting for more than just a ring and a husband, we are waiting for a partner.

Katelyn wrote the second installment of her post Bloggers you Don’t Want to Be. And she’s right!

I know I linked to one of Erika’s posts recently, but she and I met at the PNW Blogger Meetup and I adored her IRL as much as online. She is selling super cute wristlets right now for $5 off. I’m on a no spend budget, but you’re probably not. So you should definitely go check them out.

Kendra shared a picture of her herb garden and it makes me want to start one of those right.now.

This post by Casey Wiegand just rocked my soul. When is it time to say ENOUGH and start being that different kind of person you wish you were?

What were some of your favorite posts recently?

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    May 6, 2013 at 11:48 am

    I sort of understand how you feel about marriage blogs, because it is kind of how I feel about Mommy blogs. But I realized that I can learn from what they share right now. And if I am having a rough day, I just don’t click over. Glad you were able to learn from hers though. [And I still hope you read my blog. hehe]

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      June 3, 2013 at 9:59 am

      I love your blog, Megan!

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