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No Spend Month - Two 20-something girls journey through a NSM

We are now two weeks into No Spend Month. You read Alicia’s first 10 days earlier this week. I think we both kind of fell off the wagon last weekend, and are determined to get right back on. Here are my days 6-13:

Day 6 – May 1, 2013:

Today I brought my lunch, ate it, and successfully resisted the all night happy hour near my house that touts $3 drinks. Not wine/beer, but vodka beverages (including one that’s vodka, lemonade and strawberry puree)…for three dollars! I whined a little bit about it, but finally decided to explore the park located behind my house for free instead. It was awesome.

Part of my motivation was that I wanted to FINALLY go two days straight without spending money. Done!

Total Spent: $0.00!

Total Remaining: $165.88.

Day 7 – May 2, 2013:

Today was a bad day. I woke up late for work with a killer headache. I also got into my car and realized I had forgotten my gas light came on the night before. Half way to work I didn’t have the guts to risk the drive, and got off the freeway to get gas. This would have been fine, except I got off on the wrong exit and got stuck at the port around a ton of semis and lots of stop lights. I arrived at work at 9:15 and hurried into a meeting that had started without me.

An hour later I went into my office to put my lunch in the fridge when I discovered it had opened and leaked EVERYWHERE. Homemade chicken tortilla soup all over the place. I threw it in the trash, washed the water bottle it had contaminated, and stayed in a generally bad mood. Then, because the day was so hectic, the “office” bought everyone lunch, which saved me $7.00. Around 4:00 I finally took an ibuprofen which helped my head.

I’m supposed to go to Spokane tomorrow and definitely need to do some laundry. I’ll stop at the bank on my way home for quarters. Let’s hope things go up (mentally) from here.

Total Spent: $8.50 (four loads of laundry)

Gas: $39.57 – after much discussion we’ve decided not to count gas. I’m going to try to limit my spending to $150 (from $200) but I doubt that will happen. If you’re doing your own spend month feel free to operate in whichever way makes the most sense to you in regards to gas. I think if you have more than a 10 mile commute one way to work, it’s nearly impossible to do both.

Total Remaining (without gas): $157.38

Day 8 – May 3, 2013:

Half way through the day I got the super-bummer text that my friend from Spokane’s flight got cancelled. She won’t make it back to Spokane until Saturday night! I already have my suitcase packed and a tank full of gas so I decided to be spontaneous (highly abnormal for me).

At our other law school BFF's wedding in San Diego (2010).

At our other law school BFF’s wedding in San Diego (2010).

I sent a text to one of my law school BFFs who now lives in Portland and asked what she and her husband were up to. They told me to come down, so at about 4:15 PM I left the office. It took almost four hours to get there thanks to my poor timing, but it was the best thing I could have done.  Also, I didn’t really mind because I’m listening to this fascinating audio-book called The Power of Habit. I haven’t listened to the radio in days!

We went to Oven & Shaker and they insisted on buying my dinner + beverage as a bar exam celebration. We got the goat cheese pizza, some apps and I had a Honey Basil Collins. UUHHH-MAZING. On our way back to their house we stopped for Cinco de Mayo mixers. I paid as a small return for crashing in their guest room.

Total Spent: $1.50 (a coke for the drive) + $17.01 (drink mixers)

Total Remaining: $138.87

Day 9 – May 4, 2013:

This day was amazing. Totally amazing. I forget what it’s like to spend time with people who KNOW you. I have a lot of old law school friends in western Washington, but I think everyone in law school has one or two best friends from that period.

I KILLED a huge chunk of my budget, but I did it as frugally as possible. I stayed parked in an 11 hour spot outside her house so that I wasn’t paying for parking and wasting gas everywhere I went. Instead, I paid $1.00 for a street car ticket for the whole day. We went to the mall in the morning and I found an amazing dress I had to have. There’s no sales tax in Oregon so I spent $9.99 even. The gal ringing me up forgot to take the $5 off and asked if I would like to choose three pieces of jewelry instead. I told her no, I need my five dollars. They probably thought I was so stingy! haha

That afternoon I was on my own for a few hours. I grabbed lunch using Yelp to find a cafe that was reasonably priced. Then I went to Powell’s bookstore and scoured the stacks of books to find the cheapest copy of Pride & Prejudice. It was a gorgeous afternoon so I sat outside in the sun and read. That night we met up with some friends and drank in the backyard (free!), then went on a mini-pub crawl. I spent very little money, which I was pretty proud about, but it was helped by my generous friends who kept putting my food/drinks on their card. If I had paid, my total spent would have been about $10-12 more.

This day goes to show how easily I can spend money. There were so many things I wanted to buy and didn’t thanks to No Spend Month. If I hadn’t been on this budget I probably would have spent at least $100. Geez!!!

Total Spent: $17.54 (parking) + $7.25 (lunch) + $9.99 (dress) + $1.00 Street Car fare + $3.50 (Pride & Prejudice) +  $8.45 (salad, cider) = $47.73 (OMG!!!)

Total Remaining: $91.14

Day 10 – May 5, 2013:

Before I left pdx I obviously had to go to VooDoo Doughnuts! We ordered two boxes and then drove through Starbucks before I dropped BFF back off at her house and hit the road. I paid for both of ours to cover the doughnut discrepancy (it was cash only, and I had $7.00).

The perk about going to Portland instead of Spokane is that it’s half the distance, so half the gas. I’m not deducting it from my budget, but I’m logging it to see where that money goes.

I picked up some produce for snacks and side dishes with dinner. I avoided the wine aisle and the chips. All in all it was a successful shopping trip, although I’d really like some chips right now.

Total Spent: $7.00 (doughnuts) + $6.50 (our coffees) + $13.50 (groceries) = $27.00

Gas: $20.97

Total Remaining: $64.14

Day 11 – May 6, 2013:

Obviously my budget needs some serious attention. We’re only 1/3 in and I am over half way out of money. I ate my leftovers from the office lunch last week, and spent nothing today. Thank goodness.

Total Spent: $0.00!

Total Remaining: $64.14

Day 12 – May 7, 2013:

Last night I was so tired, but took the time to pack my lunch (leftovers from Monday’s dinner), prep my coffee and refill a reusable water bottle. I also threw in one of the VooDoo Doughnuts for a morning treat. Tonight I had a County Young Lawyer’s meeting. I love these meetings. They’re informative and I’ve made several new friends, which is great after moving to a “new” state. Plus, afterwards they sponsor a networking hour where they pay for everyone’s drinks and some general appetizers. Yum!

Also, today I finally added up exactly how much I have left and nearly had a heart attack. OMG! Alicia did the math and we have $4.25 (her) and $3.20 (me) a day to spend on average. Sh*t’s getting real, people.

Total Spent: $0.00!

Total Remaining: $64.14

Day 13 – May 8, 2013:

Since I didn’t have to make dinner last night, I didn’t have any leftovers to bring to lunch today. So I had a salad and some carrots. I felt pretty full until now (3:05 PM), but now all I want is Taco Bell. Can’t a girl go stuff herself with disgustingly unhealthy food without feeling guilty?! Apparently not, which means I’m using all of my will power to resist.

Total Spent: $0.00 (begrudgingly)

Total Remaining: $64.14

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    May 9, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Thats awesome! Im doing soooo good on not spending unnecessary money too!!

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      May 9, 2013 at 9:12 am

      Wahoo!! Good job! :)

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    May 12, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    Girl, more power to you, haha! I don’t think I’d last a week on a plan like this. Good luck!

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      June 3, 2013 at 10:00 am

      It was not easy! Thanks for the luck :).

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    May 13, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Good job, girl! Sounds like an awesome weekend in P-town!

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      June 3, 2013 at 10:00 am

      It was so good!

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