Choosing an Attitude Adjustment {14/31 Days to Enjoy Life}

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There’s a girl you should all know if you don’t already: Nadine. Nadine and I became twitter friends a long time ago, and got to meet in real life earlier this year! Then just recently we had a sleepover at my house and went on some adventures near my house.

She lives in Vancouver, Canada (so exotic!) which means we are just a hop, skip and a jump away after my move to Seattle. Nadine has gone through some huge life changes lately and her ability to change her attitude one day super inspired me. I asked her if she’d share her experience here and she graciously said yes!

You can follow Nadine on her Blog, Twitter, Instagram.

Here’s her story.

I caught my heart being ungrateful. So I’ve gone for a walk around my new home in the rain in order to capture some joy. So far I’ve found unexpected park benches, half of a bicycle, friendly strangers, and a lot of pretty rained on flowers. #lookforbeautyandyouwillfindit

Soon after I shared that on instagram, Brittany asked me if I’d pop over here today during her #31days of enjoying life series to share about my walk.
31 days 250x250 photo 5eabe9d2-70c2-45ad-8670-98b3818ec230_zpsf76744ff.jpg I have a very strong conviction that runs deep into my soul that grumpiness and cheerfulness are choices.

There are few things worse (that’s an exaggeration of course) than an encounter with somebody who is grumpy, especially if that somebody is grumpy all the time.

On the other hand, encounters with people who have a good outlook on life tend to be good encounters.

It’s a lot nicer to encounter somebody who smiles at you than somebody who frowns. A grumpy barista always confuses me. A cheerful bus driver is simply the best.

I’ve got a pretty good awareness of my emotions and I can typically spot in myself grumpiness quickly into it arriving in my heart. I try to get rid of it as fast as I can.

I have rules put in place to keep myself in check (and truly, these aren’t because I love rules, but because it just makes it easier for me to define the things that aren’t allowed to affect my emotions), such as I may not get mad at anybody for keeping me awake or waking me up. It happens to often in life to let it bother me.

Obviously there are days when I forget that grumpiness is silly, and I soak in it, like a grumpy old man yelling at kids for walking on his sidewalk.

That particular day, I was on day two of living in a new neighbourhood.

I had just moved my things into the new place the day before, and was coming home from being out. I was walking towards my place, and just heard my heart whisper “this sucks and nothing is good and everything is awful and I’m grumpy and angry and hurt and mad and did I mention that nothing is good”. I heard those thoughts, and immediately turned my body away from my home and set out to find some joy.

I do think there are circumstances in life that are hard, and that require mourning. But for me to be ungrateful for the fact that I have a roof over my head, a mattress to sleep on, and a door that locks – well, that is just silly. I have reason to mourn the hard things, but I have better reason to celebrate even the small things.

I set out with my umbrella blocking the rain, and my phone on camera mode to capture anything that would change my attitude.

I walked around in the rain, capturing the wet flowers and the soaked trees. As I walked and reflected on the good things in life, I felt my grumpiness flutter off like a butterfly.

Or maybe more like a moth. But that’s unimportant.

I think that grumpiness and cheerfulness are choices that we make. I get to choose the things that bother me in a day, and I get to choose what inspires me. I’ve learnt, by trial and error, that life is a whole lot more fun if I spend my day looking for the beauty, the happy, and the sweet. It’s just a whole lot better to be thankful than to complain. Simply because it actually makes life better.

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