1/2 Productive, 1/2 Lazy Weekend Shennanigans

Sami's Shenanigans


Friday was payday, so obviously that meant I needed to go buy essentials I couldn’t afford Thursday LOL. I’ve been so frugal lately that I used my debit card four times (twice at Jo-Anns for coupon purposes, Target, and then Burger King because traffic was so bad that I was starving) and my bank FREAKED OUT. They sent me texts and emails asking if my card was being used fraudulently. Thanks for the faith, bank!

I swung by my friend S’s house to quickly pick up her quilting supplies and 2.5 hours later she, her husband and I were yawning in the living room. Time flies when you’re with good friends!


I was SO productive today! I am looking for a cheaper apartment. I LOVE my view, but I’d also loving having a couple hundred more dollars each month. I drove around my neighborhood and called a bunch of numbers. I found one I really like, so fingers crossed!


The view from one of the apartments

Then a lawyer friend texted me and asked if I wanted to go check out a presentation about DB Cooper at the Washington State History Museum. Uhh, duh! One great thing about our local libraries is that they have a limited number of passes to the museums. I drove there as quickly as possible and checked out the last set of free passes. It was a great exhibit and a really interesting museum all around! (PLUS! Free!) I need to go again on a day that I have more time and can really explore.

The set of stairs DB Cooper would have jumped from, ransom money and parachute tied to his back.

The set of stairs DB Cooper would have jumped from, ransom money and parachute tied to his back.

I normally go to church on Sunday nights, but there was a leadership event after service, and a bunch of us had plans to go out Saturday night, so I went to Saturday night service. It was AWESOME! I had so much fun! The leadership training was also great and really inspiring.

New friends and new dance moves!

New friends and new dance moves!

Of course, line dancing the night away was a blast!!!! It’s been awhile since I’ve been out dancing (the last time I went there I didn’t dance at all). I love getting to know people here. Everyone is so nice, fun and welcoming. The only problem was that I drank a lot of soda that night to stay awake, and then I couldn’t sleep at all.

Drunk selfies I send when I'm wide awake at home at 1:30 AM.

Drunk selfies I send when I’m wide awake at home at 1:30 AM.


I finally hit the hay at 3 AM. Oops!


I didn’t get enough sleep last night. If I drink I end up barely sleeping and waking up early. Five hours after I closed my eyes I accepted the reality that I was awake and started a pot of coffee. ¬†After a few hours of reading the paper and drinking coffee I forced myself to go to the gym.

image (9)

I don’t know if it even counts because after 21 minutes at a “brisk” walk on the treadmill, I went home and laid back down on the couch. I had a lovely nap and watched a lot of football. I finally showered at about 5:00, and only because I had plans. Secret: I’m writing this at 7:00 PM, need to be somewhere at 7:30, and still don’t have makeup on.

But BONUS! I get to see my BFF tonight thanks to a super long layover! Wahoo!


  1. 21 minutes is better than 0 minutes!

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