Some of My Favorite Posts this Week

Great blog posts I think it might be time for a new header for this series, huh? This was in Kirkland after coffee with Pint Sized Mama before she moved back. We spent a gorgeous day sipping coffee and hanging out at the park with her adorable son. But it doesn’t really fit the chill outside!

I like to share the links of a few of my favorite online reads every couple weeks. I am a bit behind in my BlogLovin‘ reader so these may be from a few weeks ago, but they’re still awesome.

I downloaded this AWESOME wallpaper onto my iPhone lock screen. It’s a great encouragement. Katelyn is so incredibly talented and only gets better. The wallpaper comes in many sizes for your computer and iPad too, so check it out!

I discovered a tutorial website this week while on Kendra’s blog. I am officially conquering hand made Christmas presents! If you need tutorials, Kendra’s blog is a pinners dream. I’m lucky to call her a real life friend now :).

I finished the audiobook 168 Hours recently. I finally checked out the author’s blog to get the free handouts to start managing my 168 hours each week. Her blog is GREAT. I’d highly recommend her book and blog to anyone who manages more than one task a week (hint: that’s all of us)!

Tico & Tina have some suggestions for great 365 Days Projects! (I’m also glad to see that my MacBook has stopped autocorrecting Tico’s name to Taco! That was so embarrassing!)

Alissa rediscovered a sweater she bought last year and was ‘meh about, but today: LOVES! Can you relate to that? I can.

Erika had a Hungarian Feast thanks to a veggie delivery and shares a recipe of traditional cabbage rolls! Are you hungry yet? I am!

I could keep going but I don’t want to overload you all. I think I’ll spend part of this morning reading the treasure in my BlogLovin‘!



  1. Amanda Louise says:

    I’ve been

    • Amanda Louise says:

      …having trouble commenting from my phone, clearly. I’ve been wanting to read 168 Hours and didn’t know she had a blog!

  2. Thank you SO much for your sweet words, Brittany! It means a lot to me, I’m so glad you like the desktop background!

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