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Happy Sunday everyone! I woke up this morning inspired to hang out with Neely on her Sunday Social. You can play too, here:
Sunday Social

1. Gum or mints? Gum. Now that I interact with clients a LOT at work, I have been buying packs of gum. I’ve also bought mints. The mints don’t seem to be as effective as keeping my breath fresh and feeling clean.
2. Tea or Coffee? Coffee. Always coffee. I was drinking coffee this morning and reading through some blogs of my friends when I came across Megan’s Coffee Date post (she talked about #Biblein90Summer!). I sent her this super sexy snap chat (oh man… I don’t even what to think about what kind of google hits that’s going to cause) to let her know we’re having coffee together right now. haha

snap chat coffee

3. Fruits or Veggies? Oh gosh, this is a hard one. I’m going to have to say veggies. I actually crave vegetables. On Friday I was super craving a salad, yesterday it was carrots. I like fruit as much as the next person but I rarely crave it.

4. TV or Movies? TV. It doesn’t always make sense, but I feel like movies are a big commitment. I have time for a 30-60 minute TV show but a two hour long movie seems like a lot. So I will binge watch TV shows – hello Orange is the New Black – for hours before I’ll put on a movie.

netflix marathon

You can buy this shirt here. (not an affiliate link)

5. Candles or Diffusers? Candles. I have to be really careful about what candles/scentsy bars I use because they can really bother my allergies. Diffusers are basically my allergen-worst-enemies. #supercool

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    Megan - FireWifey
    August 7, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    This was the best snapchat ever! And I love candles too!! The best during bathtime! And, I love the gym shirt. lol

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