I’ve Made Financially Responsible Weekend Plans

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This weekend, J and I were talking about going boating. I kept the weekend wide open because it would be the first weekend he and I could really spend together since the begining of June. During June he worked 20-some days straight. Then we had an awesome, but jam packed, Fourth of July weekend. I was looking forward to a weekend of quality, relaxing time.

Going boating is basically my favorite weekend activity, but it takes a lot of preparation. We will need full tanks of gas on the truck and the boat, several days of food, water and booze, a plan of where we will launch the boat, and where we’ll stay over night, plus packing for several days of being out on the water.


All in all, we could easily spend about $300 on a weekend boating – and that’s if we don’t go to any restaurants while docked at a marina. When it’s budgeted for, it can be a really great time. But we are both paying off debt and trying to use our money in a more responsible way.

Day trips do cut out a large chunk of those expenses. Then, we are only looking at launch fees and parking, plus snacks and drinks for the day. But we were looking for a getaway.


Last night, we came to terms with the fact that we couldn’t justify boating this weekend. I am two paychecks away from paying off the first credit card I ever signed up for (ahh!), and he has a big concert coming up. We both also made very adult, responsible, financial choices this week and feel like a big chunk of what could have been fun money was better spent on that.

We each did some brainstorming throughout the day. I suggested a minor league baseball game, or maybe just a day lounging at his house next to the kiddie pool I bought. But J won the brainstorming game. We went to the coast in January for a quick day trip with his sweet neice. His dad has a home there. He’s shown me the outside before but we’ve never gone in. A couple texts between he and his dad, and BAM, he’s found us a financially responsible getaway with a free place to sleep.


We will still have to pay for gas, but my car gets 35 highway MPG, and driving there and back is a lot cheaper than boating around throughout the Puget Sound. We will need to eat, but we won’t have to worry about packing an ice chest full of food. Obviously, it’s not as cozy and amazing as the boat, but we will have the beach at our fingertips and I’m so excited to get to know the coast a little better, especially with the sun shinning!

Plus, there’s always next weekend, next month, and next summer with the boat. But this weekend we have a financially responsible get-away option and I’m so stoked to have a boyfriend who is cognizant of what a big impact simple choices can make in the long run.

What can you do to make this weekend a tiny bit more frugal, but still super fun?

Also, Rachael suggested adding Yes and Yes to my email subscriptions. I signed up and the post yesterday was about wanting less. It is totally on point to this topic if you’re looking for inspiration!

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    Ashley @Life a la Carte
    July 15, 2015 at 8:00 am

    AWW I am glad something worked out. Those small sacrifices will make the next time you are boating THAT much worth while. My husband and I love to boat, but a weekend getaway doing it does get pricy so we usually opt for an afternoon out on a lake with some bevs and munchies. Last time we took the boat out we also brought some cards and Rummikub. (One of our favorites) Ha ha. Hope you enjoy and congratulations on getting your CC paid off! Bet that is a relief.

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      July 21, 2015 at 12:40 pm

      Thank you so much for these ideas! The small sacrifices definitely add up and now I will super appreciate our next boating weekend. You’re totally right :). It’s a huge relief!

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