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At the end of September I went out of the country for the very first time. Nadine was gracious enough to let me sleep over at her gorgeous apartment and it was so fun to get to have some quality girl time with her, and meet her roommate. Nadine had wine ready when I arrived and also talked me into trying Periscope for the first time! It was super fun. Do you have any suggestions on what you’d like me to talk about on Periscope (@Brittany_WMSB). Let me know in the comments. I’d love to make better use of that platform!

BlogPodium 2015

On Saturday I woke up bright and early to go to BlogPodium! I didn’t pack warm enough clothes and while I was curling my hair, Nadine came in with the cutest black leather jacket with floral detail. I was glad to be staying with a blogger who knew the importance of the right accessories at a blog conference!

Vancouver is a gorgeous city! I am so glad to have finally visited. The conference was at the Pan Pacific Hotel, which was stunning.

BlogPodium 2015

The conference was stocked with coffee all day (key) and in the morning had a couple different smoothies to choose from. There were also the cutest fruit kabobs for breakfast. Everyone got a small journal to take notes (you could choose which style you wanted) and the table settings were so pretty with a cookie and program for everyone. Yum!

I did buy my own Starbucks before I went in, but mostly because 1) I wanted to see if my debit card would work there, and 2) it seemed fun to buy “Canadian coffee.” … oh, and 3) I was really nervous.


When Nadine dropped me off in front of the hotel her exact words were, “Have fun! Make friends!” and I really tried to take that advice to heart.

BlogPodium is a Canadian conference so I didn’t know all of the big name speakers or bloggers that were in attendance. This meant I found TONS of amazing new people to follow and I wasn’t as starstruck as I’ve been at other conferences.

The Conference used Sched, a platform I’ve ever used before. I really liked it! It’s an electronic agenda that we were able to go peruse during the time leading up to the conference and pick our sessions.  Only one session was too full to where you had to go to the session you chose (Interior Photography by Tracey Ayton), but the reason I liked it is that a month or so before the conference I’d already picked what I wanted to attend and my phone was able to remind me before each session which one that was.  Work had been crazy in the weeks leading up to this conference, and we were out of town a lot for different weddings, so I’m glad I made decisions back in August!

BlogPodium 2015

If you must also own this print for your home, you can buy one at Justine Ma

The Keynote Speaker was Jillian Harris who was basically the cutest Keynote Speaker ever. She was on the Bachelor and Bachelorette and is the host of Vancouver’s Love It or List It. Something she said that I thought was super interesting is that she only recently started making money on her blog. If a celebrity has to hustle to make money on her blog, then we definitely all do, too! It’s easy to believe that the really successful bloggers sit at home in their super cute clothes or pjs, write and drink coffee all day, yet bring in a six figure income. It’s not true and that is so inspiring.

Next, Avery Swartz spoke about Google Analytics. Avery is a Google Analytics genius. She also founded and runs Camp Tech, an in-person training company all about blogging tech stuff. Avery was the first presenter I’ve ever seen who spoke more about USING Google Analytics and made it understandable, instead of just about where the buttons are that you should press. If you can go to any of her classes, I’d highly recommend it.

She also sat with me at the Camp Tech Station and personally helped me move things around to show what I wanted to see and to set goals! It was so cool! I made sure to snag a photo with her before I left (bottom right).

BlogPodium 2015

Next, Gemma spoke about monetizing your blog! I liked her presentation because she started simple, for those who haven’t monetized their blog at all, and then finished with more complicated offerings. It was super inspiring and gave me some great ideas for this space!

Then, we had lunch!  BlogPodium definitely had the best lunch of any conference I’ve ever been to, including lawyer conferences. The lunch was diverse and even as a picky eater, I was able to take a full plate of food back to my table and chow down.

BlogPodium 2015 Food

Also, they scheduled lunch in the best way possible for the Marketplace booths and networking. Lunch was an hour and 30 minutes! This gave ample time to wait in line for food, eat, and still be able to peruse the shops, talk to the exhibit hall vendors and meet new bloggers! That was when I finally got to meet Brianne (top left in the photo collage)!  Brianne and I have been twitter friends for ages. She lives in Seattle too, but for some reason we’d never met up.  She was the one who told me that BlogPodium even existed and I’m so grateful she did! It’s always fun to meet other women that are also in a predominantly/stereotypically male profession.

I also got to know Samantha, which was really fun (in front of the giraffe print). She had to leave early so before the last session ended we snuck out to take some photos together! She has an amazing sense of style and brainstorming posts and social media ideas with her was so awesome! One thing that is hard about blogging is the lack of in-person interaction. The opportunity to brainstorm with another blogger in real life is totally worth the price of admission!

BlogPodium 2015

The next three sessions were so informative and inspiring! Gloria and Tania spoke about visual branding. Their sites and instagrams are absolutely stunning and you need to click those links to follow them right away. Then, there was a panel on being an influencer. Because I’m in the US and not Canada this wasn’t 100% relevant but overall the advice was great and, again, so interesting to listen to bloggers interact! Finally, the gals from Poppy Barley spoke. This was a brand I’d never heard of before. It’s custom sized shoes! If you have a  hard time finding shoes, or just love shoes in general, you must check them out.

I had to take a cab to meet Nadine because I had too much swag for the bus.

I had to take a cab to meet Nadine because I had too much swag for the bus.

I’ll talk more about my stay in Vancouver and the incredible swag bag later, but I feel like 1,100 words is enough for today :). If you take one thing away from this, it should be:

If you can go to BlogPodium next year, you have to do it. It was totally worth it and I’m so thankful that my first trip into another country was spent learning from and being inspired by these incredible ladies (and a few men)!

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    Jen @ RamblingRenovators
    October 5, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Brittany, thank you for the most thoughtful post about BlogPodium! As an organizer, I love hearing what you took away from the conference, from the speakers and bloggers you met, down to the details about the food and agenda. I have to agree – Avery Swartz is a genius ;) So glad you could make the trip north and join us for the day!
    Jen @ RamblingRenovators recently posted…In The Press: Style At Home

    • Reply
      October 5, 2015 at 9:46 am

      It was an AMAZING conference! I am so motivated to invest in my blog, myself and small, handmade shops like the ones in the market place. THANK YOU for all of your hard, incredible work!

  • Reply
    October 7, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    What a great overview! Thanks for sharing, I’m so glad you went and had a good time :) xoxo
    Rachael recently posted…10 Reasons to Visit Iceland

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    January 13, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Another great post. I’m really enjoying this site. Thumbs up! Keep’em coming.

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