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I updated my “About Me” page today. It was a little sad to let go of memories, but I hope I am holding onto God’s truth, which never fails us. You can go here to read it, or just check it out below. I don’t do many page breaks, but it seemed necessary here :).

I think it’s time to update this. The Lord is doing such a work in my life, I can’t sum it up in one page, but this may give you an idea. 
I am Brittany.
I went to law school and somehow passed the bar exam, so they’ve been letting me practice law for a couple of years now.
I am Christian, and have been since I was 15 when I finally accepted the invitation to go to youth group by the “annoying, nerdy girl” who asked me to go every single Thursday for six months.  I’m glad she didn’t give up on me.
I have moved a lot recently. {If by recently I mean my entire life.} In the last 8 years I have lived in 5 cities. I moved in 2004 to go to College. 2007 to go to Law School. 2010 to start a Clerkship in Small Town, where I met “the boyfriend.” 2011 to Big City start a BigLaw life. 2012 back to Small Town to be with the man I thought I was going to marry until he broke up with me 6 months after I gave up everything. And now, 2012, to start following the plan God seems to actually have for my life. He’s showing me “my mess,” and this ministry of singleness I have fought so hard against until now. 
I am happy to be back in Washington, and on the west side where I hopefully won’t have to endure another Snopocolypse like I did in 2008 on the east side:
I have a few bad habits.  The simple of which are that I talk WAY too fast, I am completely unable to write a short, condensed email to a friend, and I text at work.  The more serious bad habits are that I am kind of emotional and can cry at the drop of a hat, I always forget my used makeup remover cloths in the shower, even if I’m a guest in the home, and I have the propensity to get incredibly self-conscious and insecure if I spend too much time outside of God’s word.
Also, if you’re new to my blog I must warn you that I will be taking the bar exam again in February.  If you were around during Bar Exam #1 you would have seen: I was a totally spastic nightmare who literally dreamt about the bar, freaked out on friends and family, spent 12 hours a day, many days a week, at the only Starbucks in Small Town, couldn’t even handle cooking simple meals, and had more than one complete meltdown.
Then, afterwards, I had to go to the doctor for anxiety and insomnia because I was so used to being busy and out of control that I didn’t know how to handle real life. ha.
days before the move back to WA
When I’m not blogging I’m working (mostly), reading, cooking, drinking wine, baking or cuddling.  My life rarely gets more exciting than that now that I’m out of school.  While law school was the most helacious three years of my life, it was also the most fun, had the most glitter, fake eyelashes and mystic tans, and created the best friendships of my life. I wouldn’t change going, although I’d sure try to get some more financial aid, and I wouldn’t really recommend going to anyone until there are actually jobs again (and as of today, there still aren’t).
If you want to email me, I can be found at ThreeYearsDown [at] gmail [dot] com. I like emails, but remember, you’ve been warned that my reply may not be short or condensed. I get several emails a semester about wanting to drop out of law school. I am more than happy to talk about this with you. Don’t hesitate to email me if you need some support.
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