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Over at TYD, one of the most popular blog posts I had was about starting a prayer/quiet time binder. I didn’t want to risk these getting lost in the transfer. So here is another {from the archives} post when I first began taking quiet time seriously. This binder made a huge difference in my intentional relationship with God.

Note: This is from the ex-bf era.

How to Spend a Weekend when your Boyfriend has Been Hunting for 5 Days

August 28, 20112013

I had just about run out of things to distract me from not hearing from him when he finally called.

I am totally OK with the Boyfriend hunting and going on adventures.  I think it’s good for his soul.  Men need adventures.

However, when these adventures require him to spend days at a time in the middle of nowhere – my heart just can’t take it.  Every once in awhile he’ll get service and be able to send a text or two before it goes out. This time, though, we didn’t talk from Thursday morning until Sunday evening.

Let me tell you that I’m not exaggerating:

It was AWFUL!

I got a lot of work done, billing about 50 hours.

I read two books cover to cover (I guess I need to update my 101 in 1001 again).

I spent some time with my ESV Study Bible.

And I spent a lot of time “researching” prayer binders.  It took me most of Saturday before I realized that my searching would be more effective as “prayer journal/binder” than searching for a “quiet time journal.”  They apparently mean the same thing.

I figured this was a good time to start one since it’s back to school and everything would be on sale.  I didn’t account for how BUSY everywhere would be! I went to two different stores because Target was out of good binders and loose leaf paper.  I ended up at Office Depot and actually found a ton of good stuff, for about the same price as at Target.

[Don’t think I got creative with the paper.  It only happened because I
misspelled “constant” when I wasn’t paying attention. haha]

I hope to post more about this binder soon.  I am thinking I will try to post just about the layout and how I’ve done it – and then again in a few weeks to tell you how it’s working and how I’ve modified it.

For those of you who have posted details of your prayer binder/quiet time processes/general details of how you spend your time with the Lord… THANK YOU.  It has been truly invaluable to me.  That’s why I want to post mine. Not because I think it is super great, but because I really treasured reading about how other people are spending their time in the word.

Sites that were helpful to me:

Scripture Dig
Extraordinary Ordinary Life [Follow her current blog here.] By Grace Alone

The last two blogs have not been updated in a few months, but Scripture Dig and LifeBlessons are awesome blogs to check out for encouragement in the Lord.

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      Great, thanks Gretchen! I will!

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