Do you Rent Your Textbooks?

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Have you heard that college kids can now rent their text books? Do you rent your textbooks? This is something I am really envious about after 6 years in college where I bought books for $100s of dollars and sold them back to the bookstore or amazon at a fraction of the price.

Enter: Campus Book Rentals.  Campus Book Rentals is an awesome service that not only saves you money (40-90% off!), but allows you to highlight in the books!  I think the most customer-friendly element of their service is that they provide free shipping both ways.

Campus Book Rentals isn’t only in business for themselves. Every time someone rents a book, they donate to Operation Smile. In fact, they’re donating over 1,000 life saving cleft lip surgeries THIS YEAR to children in need. Now that’s a company I can get behind.

Rent Your Textbooks

If you’ve already heard about Campus Book Rentals, you might not know about their new initiative. It’s called RentBack. You take the textbooks you own, and rent them to OTHER STUDENTS!

Campus Book Rentals believes you could make 2-4 times more than you would by selling the book back to your campus bookstore. Crazy, right?! I wish I had thought of this in college.

If you want to hear more about RentBack, you can check out this video:

Do you rent your textbooks? How did you like the experience?
Or are you like me, bummed out that a service like this didn’t exist when you were in college?

Disclosure: I received paid compensation for this post, but all reviews are my own.

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