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I learned from one of my former professors that this week is Banned Books Week. She suggested reading one banned book this week in “celebration” of banned book awareness.

This got me thinking. I have a LOT of books. I love to read. But what book could I read that has been banned?

I found out a few I’ve read in the past, and some books I really like, were banned.

For example:

And those are just from the last few years! In fact, a few books I really want to read, and books by authors who I’ve liked their other work, are on the list! It’s shocking!

My bookshelves, partially loaded with books.

My bookshelves, partially loaded with books.

I still haven’t totally chosen a book yet. I am currently finishing The Fault in our Stars and I’ll check something else out from the library when I return it, but there are a ton to choose from and I’m sure I won’t have a difficult time finding an incredible book that has been banned somewhere in the US.

Are you reading a banned book this week? Which one will you choose? 


*reminder: All amazon links are affiliate links. But most of these books are like a penny used so… haha*

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    Rachael @ Pretty in Pink
    September 25, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    How are you liking a fault in Our stars? I’ve been wanting to read it but I haven’t had the time yet. I’m thinking it will be a good read for over fall break!

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