Sunday Social {My Purse}

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This is my first Sunday Social! Neely is one of my favorite bloggers so I figured it was about time I joined in on the fun :).

Sunday Social
1. What is your favorite handbag you’ve ever owned?

It’s probably the one I’m using now. My ex-boyfriend’s mom gave it to me (some good things come out of bad relationships). It’s a black coach bag that holds way more than you’d think!

2. What is your dream handbag you lust over?

Gosh, I have to agree with Neely that the Ballenciaga is a dream bag. But the one I lust after every time I walk into Nordstrom is Burberry (big surprise).

3. What are the daily essentials in your purse or work bag?

Chapstick for sure. My favorite is the Lip Balm from Gnarly Whale. (If you use my affiliate code in the “Notes” section AA009, and coupon code REF15, you’ll get a free lip balm for any order over $10, AND 15% off!!)

Gnarly Whale

I got this bottle of Beach Waves (love it!) + a lip balm, and received another free lip balm! It was awesome!

Otherwise, I always carry a pair of sunglasses, my planner, my Hobo Wallet, ibuprofen, and a lot of receipts and various pieces of paper people give me and I throw in there to not be rude… ha.

4. What’s in your purse (with pictures)?

I’m not showing you guys a photo of the inside of my purse. It is so dirty and there are even granola bar wrappers in there. No one wants to see that. LOL

Here's a photo of the outside of my purse! My grandma and I on a windy day at Redondo Beach, CA.

Here’s a photo of the outside of my purse! My grandma and I on a windy day at Redondo Beach, CA.

What’s your favorite purse??

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    September 23, 2013 at 9:20 am

    I can’t live without chapstick! AND I USE A HOBO WALLET!!!! I knew I liked you. My favorite is a taupe purse from Aldo. I’ve been using it for OVER TWO YEARS, I think it’s time for a new one. But I hate purse shopping so I’m sticking with this one until it falls apart.

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