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Earlier this month I shared the first six months of 2013, and the lessons I learned during that time. I planned to keep the update going sooner, but “real” life got out of control around these parts and I simply couldn’t get back to it. (I’m not letting myself do anything else today until I get a few blog posts done. No more losing track of time on Saturday mornings!)

If you missed 2013.0, you can check it out here.


I spent a weekend in Spokane and a weekend in Portland this month. I have zero self control about visiting friends when they’re all so close now! I also spent one weekend in this super cool town called Leavenworth. I was a +1 to a wedding and found an incredible dress for an incredible price at Nordstrom. Then it started falling apart. It was terrible! I returned the dress and got my money back, but I’m still sad about it.

In July I finally bought a TV for my apartment. I lived without one for 7 months. It was actually so peaceful! Eventually I got an antenna and a converter box. Now I get TV for free in my apartment. It’s fantastic and I am so glad I don’t throw $80 down the drain every month to watch TV – especially when there are  so many better ways to spend my time. Because I only have about 20 channels, it’s easier to turn it off when I can tell I’m only being lazy.


August was so busy! My little cousin got married this month. This was particularly exciting because he wasn’t actually supposed to get married for about another year. The family was SO excited when he (finally) proposed to his gorgeous girlfriend, and then the military told him he was moving over seas. Suddenly the wedding was moved up and planning went into a frenzy!

I didn’t think I’d be able to afford it, so my aunt and I began praying for a miracle of provision. About a week later my grandma called me and asked if she could buy me a ticket. It was amazing. I flew into Burbank and my grandma and I had an absolutely wonderful day at our favorite beach (Hermosa).


Then, the next day we went to the gorgeous wedding and had so much fun partying the night away. This was the first time I’d seen my family since April 2012. I left this trip even more homesick than ever.

My dad, me, sister, and her bf

My dad, me, sister, and her bf

I also went camping one weekend this month. It was a lot of fun and I only knew one person (you heard about him briefly here). Everyone was so nice and it was a blast!


Of course, I also worked an insane amount of hours this month to be able to take off two Fridays. It’s always interesting when that happens because I end up working more than the hours I’d miss. Oh well, it was worth it.



September held the coolest experience of my entire life. I was invited to go to the Dave Matthews Band concert at the Gorge by the guy I liked who lives in Spokane. DMB plays there every labor day weekend. I went with him and a couple people from the August camping trip.

The first night we had "seats" in the general area, which was basically sitting on a blanket in a traditional outdoor concert setting.

The first night we had “seats” in the general area, which was basically sitting on a blanket in a traditional outdoor concert setting.

I think I only knew the words to one or two songs, but it was SO FUN. He puts on an incredible concert. If you have the opportunity to go, go. The only thing I spent money on was food for the weekend, but I don’t want you to think it was a great experience because it was free for me. It legitimately was amazing. I was in total awe.

The second night we had box seats. There are no words for how amazing it was. This is what it looked like from my iPhone. We were that close.

The second night we had box seats. There are no words for how amazing it was. This is what it looked like from my iPhone. We were that close.

Camping was great too because we were in a fancy section that had free showers. I’ve learned camping is OK as long as there is water around, vodka around, showers around, bathrooms close to wherever I’m sleeping and good friends. What a difference those things can make! :)


Side facts from later in the year:

Things didn’t work out with the Spokane guy. (I don’t know why.) But I did make a super awesome new friend and had some really fun experiences, so for that reason it was worth it. I almost wrote “I guess it was worth it,” but I’m owning my experiences this year without regrets. I learned a lot from him, including that just because someone is your best kiss ever, and you have more chemistry than with anyone else, doesn’t mean they’re “The One.” There’s more to a relationship than just kissing and chemistry (dang! haha jk). Both people have to be willing to work through hard things, make sacrifices and put it in a lot of effort.

And if someone isn’t willing to go the extra mile that doesn’t mean something is wrong with YOU. It simply means they aren’t willing. My biggest takeaway here was that I don’t want to marry someone who is a quitter. And for that reason there’s no reason to spend more time dating someone (or being sad about not dating someone) who exhibits those qualities, even if he’s a great guy in other respects.

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    January 13, 2014 at 5:08 am

    Sounds and looks like you had a great year :) I’m super glad you were able to go to your cousin’s wedding and that you seem to have learned a lot. I’m excited to see what you’ve got in store this year.

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    Heather @ From Here to There
    January 13, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    You and your grandma are adorable! What an insane year you’ve had. I love the part where you say you’re “owning your experiences”. The change is wording makes such a huge difference! I hope you have an extremely blessed 2014 and enjoy many experiences that you can OWN! It’s never easy to say no in a situation that you want to say yes, I’m proud of you for making all of those realizations and leaving the relationship when you needed too. I’m also proud that you’re able to maintain a friendship through that relationship. You always have words of wisdom! :)

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