Goodbye, Farewell, 2013.0

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A year in review… I told you I would. So here are the highlights of 2013 around WMSB:



I rang in the New Year with a girlfriend from law school and some of her friends. It was a great time and I laid down in my bed at 3 AM. I took off the streamers first, of course. I moved into a new apartment this month and had to wait about two weeks for my stuff to make it from Nevada to Washington.

I spent the rest of the month studying for the bar exam and getting to know the bartenders and menu at my [now] favorite bar in my neighborhood. Love that place.


I studied more in February, worked a lot, and got a cute boyfriend (then had a mascara allergy on our third date). The studying took place in my bed, on my couch, at my desk at work, in random coffee shops, and even at the aforementioned favorite bar. I’m pretty sure that to this day they think I don’t have any friends. But it was fun to have people cheering me on (and wine) during the 9 PM-close happy hours. Also I was super grateful to the bloggers who helped take over for the second half of February while I studied.

Then I took the bar exam and did enough shots of tequila to need a cab ride home at 10:00 PM. Needless to say I was hungover for about three days, and slept until 3:00 PM the day after the bar.


staycation fun

In March my best friend from law school and a few of our/her friends headed to Seattle for vacation. I met up with them and had an awesome stay-cation with the boyfriend I told you about in February.

Gonzaga was ranked #1 in college basketball, then lost in March Madness. I may or may not have cried that night. True Story: A cousin of mine had a baby last month and posted a photo of her son in a Shocker’s onesie and I had an emotional reaction to it. Apparently I’m still not over it.


In April I devoted a lot of time to bettering this blog.  I even got to meet Nadine in real life! Yay! As the month waned on I got more and more anxious about bar exam results. Finally, the night before they were scheduled to be released (they posted at midnight), I drank a bottle and a half of wine to stay sane.

Then I cried when I opened my bar association account to see this.


April also brought an interesting discovery about that boyfriend from earlier this year. I learned an important lesson when that relationship ended: It’s really easy to be a perfect partner when you’re making it up as you go. I was so glad I spent time and energy guarding my heart and praying for discernment, so that when dishonesty came to light I was able to react with my head and not my heart (that tends to get swept up and blinded by love if I don’t watch it).

I almost didn’t write about this, but it did happen in 2013 and I want you gals to know. You need to trust your gut. Your instinct kicks in for a reason. So if you’re starting to see small red flags, keep your eyes and ears open in case they’re indicative of things to come.


May brought on No Spend Month. I learned a lot of lessons on that journey, including that I spend money when I’m bored and lonely. It was insightful, to say the least.

Because of No Spend Month I almost didn’t go to a women’s conference at my church. Thankfully God has blessed me with incredible friends who wouldn’t stand for that. The Oxygen conference rocked my socks off and my heart open.

I realized at the end of day 1 that I was carrying around a heavy heart and burdened soul FULL of hatred and unforgiveness for my ex from all the way back in 2012. I sobbed. I ugly cried. And I let go of a balloon meant to symbolize all of that junk. Did I mention I did it all in front of Lindsay before we really knew each other that well? (We had met at the PNW Blogger Meetup in April.) Now I couldn’t imagine my life without her and her adorable family in it.

I also made a phone call to apologize for all of the mean, hateful and angry things I had said to him. I was caught off guard by the emotion. I thought I had made good progress moving on from him. It was an important message from God to show me how much unforgiveness harms the person refusing to forgive, not the person who hurt me.


I finished May camping, and learned that I CAN like camping despite my awful experiences in Nevada. Then June brought a trip to eastern WA before my BFF moved out of state.

IMG_3883 We drank a little too much, went on a double date with a guy I met and really liked but lived in Spokane and the guy she was dating at the time, and explored Green Bluff (an awesome area of Spokane that has a lot of gardens, farms and adorable shops). Then before I left town I went back to where it all began – the law school.

This was my first time back to the Spoke since graduating several years ago. It was a really bizarre feeling to drive through the town. Law school was awful. I don’t think I keep that a secret around here. But I also made an amazing group of friends and conquered the hardest, seemingly never ending, experience of my life. I have been back several times and there is still a bit of a struggle, but on this trip… there are no words for how overwhelmed I was with good, bad, fun, and terrible memories as I drove through the streets of this city.

Then, when I walked into the building… just wow. A fun bonus was that the librarian remembered me. A good example of how horrible law school is, is that the librarian remembered me. ha.

… come back tomorrow, or let’s be real, some other date in the near future, for 2013.5. I’ve had enough for now, and I’m sure you have too.

PS. Happy New Year!


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    Bri @ My Life As...
    January 2, 2014 at 7:27 am

    I can’t wait to read about your 2014!

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    January 3, 2014 at 11:35 am

    Sounds like your had a year full of blessings and lessons. Can’t wait to read more!

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    Erin @ The Speckled Palate
    January 3, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    Happy New Year, lady! It’s incredible what can happen in the span of a year, you know? And it’s pretty cool reading your recap to hear how far you’ve come and everything that you accomplished in such a short period of time. Here’s to 2014 being the best one yet!

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    Megan - FireWifey
    January 7, 2014 at 12:05 pm

    Love this. You are awesome. :)

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      January 7, 2014 at 12:47 pm

      Thanks, girlfriend :)

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