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I planned on this only taking two posts but I got a little wordy during 2013.5. If you missed them, check out January – June, and July – September.


Between September and October I went on several adventures with my cousin and her boyfriend. It was such a joy having them live with me. We still get together for dinners with some frequency and I wish we could have stayed living together for the rest of the year! It’s amazing what a difference it makes to have family in the area. I feel so blessed.

I also drove down to PDX to spend Halloween with one of my favorite, closest friends from law school. I made my halloween costume this year (with a little help from Forever 21). I love being so close to so many of my best friends.

I paired this with a rose covered leotard and was an artistic "Queen of Hearts" to fit the Alice in Wonderland theme.

I paired this with a rose covered leotard and was an artistic “Queen of Hearts” to fit the Alice in Wonderland theme.


November involved a lot of travel. I was able to go home for “pretend Thanksgiving” which was SO AWESOME.

We also went to Chili's which is the restaurant I miss the most. I accept all gifts of Chili's chips and salsa. Thanks.

We also went to Chili’s which is the restaurant I miss the most. I accept all gifts of Chili’s chips and salsa. Thanks.

Thanks to rain in Vegas my flight was delayed several hours and my best friend and I missed the midnight showing of Hunger Games. It was so stupid. But we made up for it by going to the show the next afternoon. We helped the franchise, however, by being responsible, prepared, type-A adults because she stopped by the theater earlier in the week and bought our first tickets in advance. We would have made it, except my flight got stuck in a “holding pattern” in the air. Obviously there was no way I could call her and tell her to cancel the tickets, and the boards at the airport weren’t updating properly. The only solace from wasting so much money on a movie we didn’t get to watch was that the second showing was cheaper. I repaid her the difference for first ticket by buying her a memorable cup. Team Peeta!

Later in the month I got to be a part of a friend’s surprise engagement party. A bunch of us knew MONTHS ago that her boyfriend was going to propose on the day after Thanksgiving. I don’t know how we all kept it a secret for so long, but we did. I drove over to Spokane with a friend from that group with the claim that we were just coming to watch the Apple Cup with everyone. Thankfully she didn’t ask us why, because the Apple Cup was actually in Seattle this year.
My phone died before we left the hotel so I left it behind. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the event, but it was a TON of fun celebrating around downtown Spokane with everyone.


It’s hard to reflect on a month that just happened! December was super slow at work, so I got to catch up on sleep and time with friends. To start off the month, one of my girlfriends threw an ornament creating party. It was way fun!
Then my friend S and I had a joint birthday party. The problem with having a December birthday is that people never come to your birthday party! We decided to counteract this by having a joint party, wine themed. The party was a blast and I had so much fun getting to hang out with everyone! I’d never had a joint party before. I’d definitely recommend it if you have the a birthday close one of your good friends!

For Christmas Eve I traveled up north to spend it with my cousin. She and her dad (my dad’s cousin) cooked an amazing meal that included prime rib. My mouth is watering just remembering it! We had tons of fun with a photo shoot in front of the Christmas tree and catching up on each other’s life over the last month or so.
I stayed the night there because the next day I joined some people from church to serve at homeless youth center. I went to the wrong location, and when I got proper directions I asked if anyone wanted Starbucks. My friend Rebecca said she’d text me orders. I’m so glad I asked! Nearly everyone wanted a beverage and it made for such a fun adventure. I was incredibly impressed with the great attitude and amazing service I got at Starbucks.
On NYE I went to dinner with some great friends who live in the building next to me. We ran into each other outside of my apartment on NYE and they invited me on their date. One thing I think is fantastic about this couple is they never, ever make me feel like I’m interrupting a date they’re on. Single gals need friends like this! :)

Dinner was amazing. After Christmas Eve, I needed more Prime Rib. The portion was so huge that I ate it for dinner later in the week, AND made a salad with it for lunch. We took a cab back from dinner at about 9:15, and I was back in my PJs by 10:30. I didn’t make it anywhere close to midnight, and to be honest I was totally fine with it.

I started 2014 well rested, without a hangover and a super productive day at work. My biggest hope is that it’s an indication of what’s to come in 2014.

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