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I haven’t been around WMSB much lately, but I have been checking in on social media.  There are a few accounts I’d recommend everyone follow for good encouragement, reminders or simply laughs. I don’t mean to be on a girl power kick, but ever since I finished Lean In, the state of the gender gap has really caught my eye. I figured it was about time I share these accounts with you ladies that could use the extra encouragement out in the world!

1) Woman in Power @womencontrol

This account shares world-wide proverbs, photos, and simple reminders that often help me keep my day in perspective.

2) Women Working @WomenWorking

Working Women has great advice about life, careers, love and honoring ourselves. It also retweets a lot of great links about real life career advice/tips/information.

3) Mandy Hale @MissMandyHale

Mandy Hale is the author of The Single Woman (@TheSingleWoman) and I relate in a huge way to her life. I’d strongly recommend checking her out, especially if you’re single and sometimes need a reminder that you’re not the only one trying to navigate this world that expects us all to be married… yesterday.

4) Akirah Robinson @AkirahRobinson

I really like Akirah’s account because she shares real life + encouraging tweets and shares.

5) Mary Beth Williams @embeedub

Now, I just have to make it clear that if you’re offended by swearing or intense feminism, Mary Beth isn’t for you. But personally, I love her account and its raw honesty. Plus, if you follow me on twitter you probably have a better idea of my political views than any other social media platform.

Do you have any other suggestions? Who do you follow on Twitter that brightens your day or writes about what you’re passionate about?

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