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I’ve started focusing on how I spend my time and using it wisely. Sometimes I fail at this (see, buying a Retron Console to play Super Mario 3 for 12 hours in the last two weeks), but it’s a journey to go from procrastinator (see, how bad I am about framing my art) to world conqueror. At least, that’s what I tell myself. 

I posted a lot of questions on Twitter to find out what Podcasts people are listening to these days. I didn’t get a ton of feedback and started to worry that no one listens to Podcasts anymore. But, luckily, through the grape vine I’ve found several that I look forward to listening to every week.

I’ve heard people listen to Podcasts while working out or in the middle of other activities, but I only play mine in the car. For longer Podcasts it may take me a couple days to get through a whole episode, for shorter ones I can probably listen on the drive to and from work and finish one bite at a time. 

1. My Favorite Financial Podcast:

Listen Money Matters

Andrew and Thomas keep the show light hearted while also moving the episode along at a great pace AND providing awesome financial information. They also discuss what beer they’re drinking (or smoothie, lately), which provides some great tips if you’re into that sort of beverage. I’ve started investing with Acorn and learned how to really use Mint thanks to these guys. My budget thanks them endlessly.

2. My Favorite Lifestyle Podcast:

Around the Table Podcast

If you had told me a lifestyle podcast 1) existed, and 2) I would love it, I would think that was bizarre. I’m not a morning radio show person (I used to be) and listening to people talk about a bunch of different life details doesn’t sound fascinating.

But I love pretty much everything Jacey does, so when I saw on instagram that she also had a podcast called Around the Table Podcast, I took to iTunes to track it down. Through it I’ve found Maggie McDaris. Maggie is a part of this single blogging community (is it really a community? I think we should make one. The moms get their own community), and it is so nice to hear her perspective on life and all of the amazing things she’s accomplishing. 

3. My Favorite Christian Podcast:

Joyce Meyer. How could you possibly go wrong with her messages? That woman is a powerhouse. You can download her radio show or TV show. I have both subscriptions on my iPhone/iPad but I almost exclusively listen to the radio one. Sometimes when I’m getting ready for work I’ll watch the TV Podcast (it is the actual video) but that is pretty rare.

One thing to know is that Joyce breaks her teaching up into smaller episodes. So you will get 10-15 minute chunks before moving onto the next episode. It’s great for a shorter commute but can be a little annoying if you’re on a longer journey because the next episode starts about 30 seconds before the previous one ends. 

4. My Favorite Social Good Podcast:

Ted Talks are one of my favorite “inventions” of the new century. I’m always ready to nerd out on new information, and Ted Talks make this totally possible. If you’re interested in maps? They’ve got it. Solving hunger? Got it. How to get along with people around you? Got it. And they’re all given by incredible minds. How could you go wrong?

Is there a podcast I’ve missed? I’m always open to new suggestions. Leave the title, or even better, the link, in the comments!

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