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The blog searches for bar exam experiences have started again, which can only mean one thing. The bar exam has started torturing a new set of future lawyers. I decided to create a roundup of posts about my experience. Unfortunately, during bar exam #1 in Nevada I was at a different blog. I didn’t renew that domain and it has been taken over by a trucking company’s spam content. The name had nothing to do with trucking so I’m not sure what that’s about, but as far as I can tell, all of the content is gone. (This is why you should use a site where you own your content and your blog).

There’s a summary on my About Me page that you clearly don’t have time to go find yourself, because you’re studying. So here it is:

If you were around my old blog during Bar Exam #1 you would have seen: I was a totally spastic nightmare who literally dreamt about the bar, freaked out on friends and family, spent 12 hours a day, many days a week, at the only Starbucks in Small Town, couldn’t even handle cooking simple meals, and had more than one complete meltdown. Then, afterwards, I had to go to the doctor for anxiety and insomnia because I was so used to being busy and out of control that I didn’t know how to handle real life. ha.
Bar Exam #2 was still awful, but I did not turn as bar-exam-crazy. I did, however, work full time and was 100%, completely exhausted by the time March 1st came around. Thankfully I got a passing result on that exam and hopefully I will never, ever have to take one of those again. *knock on wood*
Me, trying to focus by changing study spots in my office.

Me, trying to focus by changing study spots in my office.

So here is how the Exam might impact your life for 2-3 months:

Unless you have the world’s best self control, it will probably require you at some point to deactivate your social media accounts.

It’s going to keep you from doing things you like to do, including religious events and groups, but remember it is temporary.

No matter how many times you’ve taken the bar exam, even if those were passing, I’m certain the overwhelming dread on the night before is the same.

Remember, no matter what stage of prep you are in, it’s OK to camp out at whatever coffee shop, bar, park, couch, or library you find necessary to be properly prepared. It’s been over two years since I took the WA bar exam and my favorite bar tenders are still shocked when I come in with friends.

Stay on course as best you can, and keep your eye on the prize. You can do this!

Stay on course as best you can, and keep your eye on the prize. You can do this!

And if you need an extra pep-talk from 2011 Brittany, check one out here.

Most importantly, remember, you don’t have to get a perfect score.


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