5 Goals You Can Set at Any Time to Improve the Rest of Your Year

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I did not set New Years Resolutions this year, but I did outline a few goals that I was considering as 2015 began. So far, those goals are going well (you can read an update here). I credit a lot of that to the Coach.Me app helping me to build some positive habits. This post was not sponsored in any way. I figured I would write this post to share the app with people who have never heard of it, and to share some ideas of what kind of goals you could add to the app to make the rest of your 2015 the most successful it could be.
How to use a free app to create achievable goals
Coach.Me used to be called something else, but the Coach.Me name totally fits what the app does. You can download it onto your iPhone or Android, or just use the web client. You tell the app what your goal is, how many times per week you’d like to accomplish that goal, and join in with other people who are also working toward the same thing. Some goals, like the Habit of Waking up on Time, have tips that apply to the first few days/weeks of your journey to building your habit that will give you ideas on how to be more successful.

Not only does it remind you to accomplish your goals, the app provides professional coaching opportunities. There are often great sales to be coached for a week or more by professionals who it make it their goal to help other people meet their goals.

Once you download the app, you can start adding the goals you want to accomplish. And to help you get started, here are 5 goals you can set at any time to improve the rest of your year!

1. Wake up Early

I started my year by adding a few habits to my Coach.Me app that I hoped to achieve during 2015. The first was to wake up on time. Thanks to Listen Money Matters, I heard the story of Hal Elrod and learned about his book The Miracle Morning. I wanted to start waking up early and trying his S.A.V.E.R.S. method, but waking up is REALLY hard for me. I added a goal to not hit snooze. (Another person who is totally inspiring – Thomas from LMM – you can read about and listen to his morning routine here as well.)

2. Go to the Gym

The next habit was to go to the gym. At that point I still had a membership to the YMCA. I totally recommend the Y to anyone who is on a budget, just getting started, likes to have a variety of workout machine and classes available at no extra cost, has kids or just likes their gym money to also go to a charity. I cancelled my membership a couple of weeks ago because I moved closer to a location that allows kids and thus has a more kid/stay at home parent class schedule. Until then, the Coach.Me app held me accountable to go to the gym and even showed little app fireworks when I got on a roll by going several days in a row. Now, I have a membership at a Barre studio and run outside to prepare for the 5ks that 2015 got me addicted to running.
5 Goals you can Set at Any Time to Improve the Rest of Your Year

3. Read My Bible Every Morning

The next habit I had in my app was to read my bible each morning. I didn’t do very well at all on this goal for some reason. In December I finished my #Biblein90days plan (ahem… Bible in 180 days) and fell off the bible reading wagon until Good Morning Girls started this summer. GMG has a similar benefit as Coach.Me – which is that it holds you accountable. If you haven’t noticed, accountability is very important for me.

I wouldn’t recommend starting with TOO many goals. I did, and it was a little overwhelming. I was determined to make 2015 the best year yet, so I had great plans for accomplishing all the things. It makes more sense to phase the goals in as you get a handle on the first few. Two more goals I added were to get to work on time, and bring my lunch 4/5 weekdays.

4. Get to Work on Time

Until I started this new job, I had a decent amount of flexibility for when I arrived at work. There are some perks to law firm life. The first of which is that as long as you bill your time, no one cares too much about when you’re there. If you miss meetings or don’t show up until noon, that’s obviously a problem. But if you arrive at 8:50 instead of 8:30 on a random day, it’s likely that no one will even notice. Now that I’m in house and work in the same building as my only client, I’m expected to work the same hours as everyone else. This obviously has a TON of benefits (I don’t have to bill anything and I am off at a decent time every day) but it took more effort than you would imagine to arrive to work on time. I was never very late, but when everyone else is there before 8:29, an 8:35 arrival does catch people’s attention. I didn’t want to make a terrible impression by not being able to make it to work right on time, so I created a habit. I gave myself a buffer until 8:32, but any later than that, I didn’t earn a check mark. The check mark helped and now I only sometimes need the 2 minute buffer.

5. Bring a Lunch to Work 4/5 Days

One way that I started saving a lot of money in my budget was by bringing lunch to work 4 days a week. You may wonder why I didn’t make the goal to bring lunch every weekday. That’s because I know myself. If I didn’t have a treat-day, I would never hold to this habit. Also, I like to have the flexibility of saying yes every once in a while when co-workers ask if I’d like to go to lunch with them. Going out to lunch with your co-workers can be great networking and build your career because those people may have a different perspective or different experience than you do. It’s worth the $10-15 lunch every so often. It’s also nice to have positive working relationships, and not simply spend your lunch eating a PB&J or sitting in a restaurant alone. Lunch is a great way to get to know your co-workers on a more personal level.

However, going out to eat can easily get out of hand, and before you know it, you’ve spend $50 on fast food lunch in one week. That $50 can be spent on a lot more useful and productive things (hello, gym memberhsip), and wasting it on fast food that you’ll only get to enjoy for 30-60 minutes isn’t worth it. By bringing lunch 4/5 days a week, I was able to still have an enjoyable, interesting lunch as a reward for succeeding on the other days when I ate the salad, leftovers or sandwiches I brought instead. I’m most successful with this habit when I prep my lunch on Sunday evenings, and include a breakfast-type snack so I don’t start eating elements of my lunch at 10 AM.

This app helped me to create solid habits that have followed in some way or another throughout my year. I’m a firm believer that goals can be set, and accomplishments can be celebrated, at any time of the year. Just because it’s July doesn’t mean you can’t start focusing on habits that will change your day, your week and your year. The time is now! And if you need a little accountability or group support, check out the Coach.Me App!

Have you been keeping track or your habits, or are you going to start now? I’d love to read about it in the comments!

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    July 22, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    Oh I am so interested in this app! I am trying to get myself into some better working out/waking up early habits so this could be so helpful!

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      July 22, 2015 at 7:06 pm

      You should definitely download it! It helped me a lot.

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