Life After Life {Book Review}

Book Review

*I did not receive anything in exchange for this review. I just read it with my book club and wanted to share. There are Amazon affiliate links in this post. When you purchase using one of these links, it helps support WMSB.*
Life After Life
Life after Life by Kate Atkinson is an amazing book about a person’s journey through life. The only difference is that the main character’s life starts over every time she dies.

This book raised so many interesting questions. What would life be like if you could make different choices the second time around? How could your choices impact the behavior, and therefore the life, of others?

How would someone’s world-view change if you could prevent a horrible tragedy from occuring?

And really, how long would it take you to realize you were living the same life over and over?

I thought it was so fascinating. I’m so glad I read it with my book club because it is quite lengthy. I think it was like 700 pages. But because I had a deadline I was able to finish it in about four days. It would have taken longer if I had time to read it in small chunks, but I was on the waitlist for my library so I was at the mercy of whoever checked the e-book out before I did.

One thing I loved about the book is that it takes place in 1910. There were so many different challenges then than we have today. Simple things like an illness or more intense events like a world war changed the tone and the feel of the book. This book has me itching to read more historical fiction, which is not a genre I ever really tried before. I love when a book opens my eyes to new reading possibilities.

If you’re looking for intricate story-telling, a relatable main character, a little bit of whimsy, and a unique perspective into our social interractions, I would highly recommend Life after Life. It is definitely one of my favorite books written the last several years.

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