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It’s Friday! Yay! This week has felt really fast and really slow all at the same time somehow. It was filled with random, unplanned events (see #1), so I figured this was a good time for a 5 on Friday post


I’ve learned this week some of the difficulties of having a boyfriend who is in the military. I don’t talk too much about this, but J is in the Army National Guard. He’s a total badass, in my opinion. Rarely does it effect our lives in an unplanned way (meaning, it might, but I know a little bit in advance he’s going to be gone for awhile, or working super late and I make plans accordingly). But last weekend he was sent to fight fires for a few days, which turned into well over a week. Our out of town vacation for a wedding had to be cancelled, my weekend suddenly opened up, my week nights were fair game… and then tragedy befell some of the fighters on one of the fires.

Everyone impacted by the Washington Fires has been in my prayers, but now I’ve added on extra hard ones of praying for those who knew the three fire fighters who lost their lives, and the 3-4 who were in the hospital with very serious injuries. I’m not linking to any stories here because I just can’t read the headlines. But I am so thankful for good friends who kept me company this week, gave me a FaceTime pep-talk last night, and made plans in my open space. I’m also so, so proud of J and everyone working with him. I never would have understood this perspective before (and we were friends for years before we dated!) but it is such an honor to date someone who puts his country and his state before anyone else, himself included. The bravery of everyone working to stop our state from burning to the ground is astounding.

OK let’s move on to less emotional subjects…


Adult Coloring Book Sheet

I printed off a free sheet of an adult coloring book. I loved it so much that I spent a lot of time driving around town trying to buy one in real life. I couldn’t find a single store with one in stock, including Michael’s Crafts. I read that adult coloring books can help people suffering from stress, anxiety or those who just need to disconnect from our plethora of electronics.

Then I heard a story that adult coloring books not only help with mindfulness and meditation for those of us who are super busy, but helps the elderly cope with change and aging. So I got on Amazon and sent two copies of Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book to my little sister. One for my great grandma (who we had to put into a home this year) and one for her, because she’s super creative and artistic and I thought she’d like it. I’m sticking with my one free sheet for now, but I’m sure I’ll buy a copy for myself soon enough.


I participated in my first ever Instagram Loop Giveaway this week. I have mixed feelings towards these. Some of them are awesome. The prize is great, the accounts are really similar so I’m likely to actually enjoy the people I’m following to win, and there aren’t too many accounts in the loop. Other loops, there are 50 accounts involved, they’re all mishmash, and probably half way through I wonder what the heck I was thinking to join in.

I joined a loop that was a bit smaller, for a product I’d personally love to win but also thought you guys would love to win. It was an incredibly fun experience, and as a blogger, a worthwhile investment.


The tomatoes in our garden have finally started turning red! Our zucchini went so crazy earlier this summer that I don’t know how we’ll give it all away. But the tomatoes kept producing oddly shaped green tomatoes. On Saturday I was on the phone with my dad while I watered the garden, and complaining about how only the zuccini has taken off. Then I hung up the phone and went inside for awhile. When I came back out to find one of the cats, I saw red tomatoes!
Fresh Tomatoes Planted From Seed
Things like this are probably why we aren’t supposed to talk on the phone and drive – I didn’t see bright red tomatoes right in front of me. It apparently does make multi-tasking harder! ha Anyway, last night I made dinner using the tomatoes and it was so exciting! I added it to tikka masala. I just use jar sauce, but I added chicken, onions and the garden tomatoes. It was delicious! I took a snapchat video but no photos to share with you guys. Blogger fail.


I ran a 5k at the last minute last weekend. (I know, I know. I don’t know how I got so addicted, so fast.) It was for a great cause and the proceeds went to two little girls with serious illnesses. They had Princesses there for the girls and the kids who were participating in the run. A princess at heart, I couldn’t leave without a photo of my own.
Post 5k
This is probably the worst photo of me I’ll ever share on this blog. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that after waking up super early to put on sneakers and run a race in less than wonderful weather, as fast as I can, doesn’t make for good post-race photos. But I couldn’t deny you guys princesses! haha I’m stoked about this race because even though I didn’t beat my best time, I was able to run the whole thing without stopping once (even though I wanted to a few times) and felt really good at the end of it. I think for my next one I’ll be able to push myself a lot harder and still feel OK. Yay!

Update: The Tank Man’s Son Giveaway + $10 Coffee Shop Gift Card Winner: Farrah won the giveaway with this tweet! I’m so excited for her and excited that so many of you really liked that giveaway. The book truly is great, and if you’d like to learn more but missed the giveaway, you can read the review here. I was super stoked because the author of the book actually commented on my review! Ahh! #nerdalert

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    August 31, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    Wow, I didn’t know that about J! What a superhero he is!
    Rachael recently posted…My Summer Obsession

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    September 8, 2015 at 1:27 pm

    I bought an adult colouring book this year, as well as a pack of 100 coloured pencils (obviously necessary), for back-to-school. I’m really excited to see how it helps for dealing with stress and anxiety and hoping that it helps clear my head during study breaks. I hope your sister and great grandma enjoy them!

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