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Remember when I told you that J and I made financially responsible weekend plans? Apparently I forgot to tell you how that went!
tips for a cheap weekend getaway
We went to the nearby Ocean Shores, WA for our weekend getaway. You’ll recall, J’s dad has a house there. So we turned our weekend away into some quality family time. The house isn’t right on the water like some of the hotels/motels in that area, but we don’t mind walking a few blocks and I’m pretty sure you can hear the ocean from anywhere in town.

I know that not everyone has friends or family who own property in a great vacation spot that’s a drivable distance away. You can always check out Air b’n’b or Hotel Tonight. The key for making a weekend getaway affordable is to find a place with a kitchen. That way you can cook your meals without having to go out to eat! I don’t know about you, but I can’t survive on sandwiches all weekend long. Also, if you’re trying to save money on vacation, consider a room that doesn’t face the ocean or is a few blocks away. It’s not as romantic, but it’s less expensive.
We left Friday night after work, which means traffic was a beast. It’s like everyone in the Seattle/Tacoma area goes south for the weekends. We took side streets to avoid the 5, but it still took almost two hours longer to get there than it should have. We stopped at a delicious pizza and burger place called Sasquatch Pizza, in Hoqiuam. I’m not sure if it was because it was 3 hours past dinner time by the time we ate or what, but that was one of the best burgers I’ve had in ages. It was very close to an In ‘n Out taste. I miss In ‘n Out on a weekly basis, so I was stoked. I also ordered a chocolate shake (obviously) and they made it a little thicker for me. To. Die. For.
Thanks to the crazy, Friday night traffic, and our relaxing dinner at Sasquatch Pizza, we didn’t get to Ocean Shores until pretty late. Luckily it was just in time to catch the most stunning sunset I’ve seen in my entire life. It still blows my mind that you can actually drive ON the beach in Ocean Shores. Rather than having to fight for parking in a beachside parking lot, you just take your car right to the place where you want to hang out!

When we pulled onto the sand, I mentioned that I was disappointed that so many people would be in our way of photographing the sunset. Being the awesome boyfriend he is, J tends to accommodate my Instagram needs. Without missing a beat he drove us all the way past the people so that we could get some great, uninterrupted shots. (Don’t worry, he does tease me about it later.)

An amazing sunset courtesy of Ocean Shores. #westcoastbestcoast #oceanshores #pacificocean #thatpnwlife

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In the morning we woke up to coffee (yay) and deer who were not afraid to walk right up to the house and say hello. It was so crazy! I’ve never seen a live deer that up close before. They just kept coming, too. A lot of people in the area put out food for the neighborhood deer and they seem to know right where to stop for a snack. At one point there were six different deer just hanging out in the yard, street and gully!

Our goal was to make this an inexpensive weekend getaway, our packing list included water and beer we had leftover from our last boating trip, as well as some snacks we bought at the store before we left town. This way we wouldn’t be tempted to go to a restaurant to get lunch. Luckily, J’s dad had a wheelbarrow we could use. We loaded that baby up with our chairs, ice chest, snacks and our wallets and phones, which we put in a ziplock bag. Then we headed to the beach!
This was probably my favorite part of the weekend. We walked several blocks with our wheelbarrow of fun, and then set up a little picnic site for just the two of us. J had worked a lot before this weekend (like 28 days straight) and so my quality time love language was loving our time on the beach. We laid out, listened to music, talked about all kinds of things, and every so often, dared each other to go into the water. It was surprisingly warmer than we expected. It wasn’t bathwater by any means, but it wasn’t bad. It was also pretty shallow! Some places dropped off, but you could also find island-like sections. Since J is a foot taller than me, he could go out way farther, but I still was able to get farther away from land than I have probably ever gone in Southern California.
It was such a fun adventure!

On Saturday night we went to a small movie theater and FINALLY saw Jurassic World. We’ve been talking about seeing that since before it came out! The movie was so good. I know people had mixed reviews, but I loved it. That night we relaxed by watching Harry Potter on cable (lap of luxury!), spotting deer outside the front door and hanging with his family. My cell phone didn’t get great reception out there, and it was really peaceful to be able to just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

We originally said we’d stay late on Sunday, but when we woke up, we were ready to get home and get some things done before Monday. Does this happen to anyone else? No matter how long my vacation is, I’m always anxious to get home on the last day. That morning we packed up all of our stuff, ate breakfast (another way having a kitchen where you are staying does save you money), and headed to the beach for me to say goodbye to the Pacific Ocean. I am the happiest when I am on the water. You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl!
I also want to say that if your love language is quality time or even physical touch, it doesn’t matter WHERE your vacation is. This weekend was so fulfilling to me and we spent a grand total of $60, INCLUDING gas! If you’re looking to get away, but are on a tight budget, it’s worth taking a small staycation or even going to an unusual town for the weekend. A vacation doesn’t always have to be to a glamorous city. What really matters is who you are with and great planning to save some cash.
Have you recently gone on an inexpensive weekend getaway? Are you planning one now? Tell us about it in the comments!

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