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It’s finally Saturday! Yay! I get to sleep in today for the first time in awhile. Like I told you yesterday, I was supposed to be out of town this weekend but now I’m home. I’m looking forward to a low key weekend, probably doing some behind the scenes work here, and then a girl’s night tonight and a massage with one of my girlfriends tomorrow. I’m so thankful I have great girlfriends in WA. This is something I never really had anywhere else because I moved so much that I was always the new girl. What are you up to this weekend??

So, without further ado, here are some great posts I read around the web this week to kick off your Saturday morning!
great blog posts
Dana wrote about how she tried Tinder for the first time after getting out of a long term relationship. I like her perspective because I’ve never done any kind of online dating and the whole thing overwhelms me. (Yes, I do find it ironic that everything else I do in life is online, except dating.)

Kenzie is one of the strongest people I follow on Instagram. She shared a really vulnerable photo about the side effects of starting chemo for her chronic health condition. She’s losing her hair, but she’s still holding onto God’s faithfulness. It has inspired me all week.

Michelle talks about how they’ve stayed frugal recently, even while going on vacation. I have a post coming up on how we made it through our inexpensive weekend getaway that I told you we were going on last month. It’s always helpful to hear about how friends (even my friends who live in my computer…) stay frugal as well.

If you’re looking to enter more giveaways, check out Simply Sherryl’s on-going link-up of giveaways and Airplanes and Dragonflies list of low-entry giveaways.

Thanks to Meghan, I discovered Bailey’s 2015 Blog-tember challenge. I’m excited to see how everyone turns the prompts into their own voice!

Around WMSB:

I shared two FREE prayer list printables I created. You can use these in your prayer journal/quiet time journal, or as a guide for your prayer life.

I ran my first Color Run ever this month. I shared 5 tips for your first Color Run.

Deal of the Week:

With the code 8X12S-AFM-12 receive an 8×12 canvas for only $12 + shipping. I LOVE my Fabness canvas. If you want to see more before you buy, check out this review. (this is an affiliate link)
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