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OK, OK, it’s not Saturday. But, it’s Labor Day! So it’s basically the same thing, right? Here are some posts I’ve curated for you to enjoy on your day off, without having to search the internet all by yourself. Don’t forget to share your favorite posts in the comments!
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Danielle shares why she meal plans. This post was so inspiring to me. I needed the kick in the butt to get back on track with meal planning. Even as a single person, I see a huge difference in my energy levels and the food I eat when I’ve been meal planning. There’s also a noticeable positive impact on my budget. You don’t need school aged children to benefit from the habit!

Nadine took the time to explain to everyone how she received 50,000 views on Pinterest with an investment of $3. Isn’t that so inspiring?! My own experience on facebook ads is only $5 at a time, but it has never converted that kind of traffic. I’ll definitely be looking into promoted pins now!

Do you love sports? I’m basically obsessed. So I love seeing what Sarah comes up with over at Venus Trapped in Mars for us girls who can hang with the guys on a moment’s notice. She’s doing a fan roll call right now and I LOVE it! Check it out and register your favorite team!

How has your three day weekend been?

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