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Liv, at Lag Liv, writes one of my favorite lawyer blogs. I have a habit of binging, then going awhile without reading, and then binging again. Her life is such a great view of what a work-life balance could be, and I appreciate that several years ago she gave me great advice on my goals and my career path. She shares some great music and book reads in her latest post.

I was looking for a specific post, but typed the address in wrong. It brought me to swagbucks and reminded me that it’s been awhile since I talked about it. Do you use swagbucks? It’s a free search engine that gives you points when you search. I’ve earned a lot of amazon gift cards simply by making it my standard search engine. You can read my review of the service here.

I signed up for Allison’s Adventurous Branding course at Painted Summers today. It’s totally free! Her brand is killing it and I can spot it on pinterest immediately. That’s the kind of person I want to teach a course on branding!

I noticed after a couple months of consistent running and barre classes that I would come home and crave chips. If I gave into the craving, I’d binge on chips and salsa or ruffles and ranch dip. I looked into this, and it turns out that salt cravings are a sign that I wasn’t getting enough electrolytes. This post by Lauren Conrad helps figure out what to eat before and after a work out.

Lisa at Elembee gives some insight into posting frequency. I try to post two week-day posts and one Saturday post here at WMSB. I’m most successful at this when I can write over the weekend, but this isn’t always possible. I appreciate her wisdom. I am also amazed by the people who can work full time and post 5 days a week. How do you do it?!

On Thursday, Rachael graciously shared this blog as one of her favorite personal finance blogs. There is an awesome list of personal finance blogs in that post. Go check it out and get your financially savvy read on!

And last, but definitely not least, Lexi discusses the new facebook “dislike” button. And I agree with her. I get the idea of wanting to support people in times of bad news. But comment with a sad-face and move on. The dislike button sounds like a lot of hurt and internet meanness waiting to happen. And that makes me :(.

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    September 20, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    I haven’t heard of the dislike button but I have similar feelings that you do as well. And you know how much I love you and your blog!! Thanks for always being open and honest about your financial journey!
    Rachael recently posted…My Favorite Personal Finance Reads

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