Four Resources to Use for a Bible Study

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Four Resources to Use for a Bible Study
Last month I started a bi-weekly bible study group, hosted by a lovely friend of mine from law school. We all go to different churches and are in different places in life. I say this to show that it’s possible that if you are wishing you had a women’s bible study in your life, you can start one! To help you in this decision, I wanted to share some books and resources I totally recommend for your own personal or group bible studies. (Note: These are amazon affiliate links. When you purchase using one of these links, it supports WMSB by rewarding WMSB with a very small percentage of your purchase without costing you a thing.)


Anything by Beth Moore. I can personally recommend the Living Beyond Yourself workbook. This was the first study I did with that group of girls and I LOVED it. It reminded me a lot of the way my first bible study leader in college, Katie, ran her studies. She gave us homework throughout the week to dig deeper into scripture (you can find Katie’s bible study book on amazon as well!).

Four Resources to Use for a Bible Study

The first week of girls’ bible study!

Beth Moore’s studies are done by going through the homework from the week before and then watching a video to kick off the second week. The videos are a bit pricey (around $200) but if you think you’re getting 10 weeks of materials it’s not so bad! And it’s possible your church or someone you know may already have a copy you can borrow. You might also be able to ask your group members to pitch in, depending on the makeup of your group.

The study we are going through this time is A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place. So far, it’s incredible.


The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer has been a great book for me to read through as I deal with anxiety, stress and worry. It’s also good if you have issues with self confidence. The Battlefield of the Mind also comes in a book and a 100 day devotional format.


The Good Things by Kevin Gerald. OK, so I haven’t done this yet because it’s only just starting. But this is my pastor and I can tell you that his studies are always super awesome. They don’t come with weekly fill in the blank homework, but instead are a lower commitment that is more community focused. You get a workbook for your group members, and one DVD with all 5 sessions on it. The DVD is only $19.99. During the week you read the physical book, then get together in community, watch the DVD and discuss what you read/saw.

Four Resources to Use for a Bible Study

Pastor Kevin, talking about Good Things. Source.

The summary of the book makes it look like it will be all sunshine and rainbows all the time. That’s kind of a bummer because I know that’s not true. The difference is, when you focus on the good things, you actually SEE them. There will still be struggles in life, but keeping our eyes on Jesus changes how they look. Check out the book!


Last, but definitely not least, there is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I’m convinced this will be considered a classic. This is more of a personal devotional than a group bible study. It’s a great way to build your relationship with Christ. I think the biggest thing this book did for me was change the way I read the bible. It turned the bible more into a direct conversation and less like a book of a bunch of words and rules. I’d heard in church that the bible was a “love letter” to us, but it wasn’t until I read through Jesus Calling that I started to see that.

Jesus Calling is a handheld sized book and each day is only one page. It’s great to start any time of the year and takes only a few minutes of your morning. It’s a fantastic starting point for someone looking to spend more time in the Word but has limited time (see, students, moms, full time workers, people who travel a lot) or someone who isn’t super sure of how to start.

On that note, if you’re looking for a quiet time resource, you can check out my quiet time binder and free prayer lists printables as well.

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