A Review of Three Wineries to Visit with Friends or Alone in Chelan, WA

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A Review of Three Wineries in Chelan, WA

Recently, I headed over to Chelan, Washington to get away for the weekend. It was a mostly-solo trip and it was just what I needed to recharge after a really stressful month. Chelan is an amazing part of wine country in Washington state. I spent the days by myself and didn’t want to miss the full Chelan experience just because I was alone.

After a morning of blogging, breakfast and a nap with a gorgeous view of the lake, I decided it was time to go wine tasting!
A Review of Three Wineries in Chelan, WA near Campbell's Resort
I searched online for a list of wineries near my hotel (Campbell’s Resort). I chose three that were near each other, and also near some other options. I also looked up transportation options because I definitely did not want to drive while wine tasting. #DrinkResponsibly As far as I could tell there was one cab company, Lake Chelan Cab Company. 

The Lake Chelan Cab Company was a nice woman in a standard car. She was very polite, informative and helpful. My only complaint is that when you’re the only cab company in a town full of wineries, you can get away with a $17 “drive to a winery” surcharge. My 3 mile cab ride was much more expensive than I expected and I texted some girlfriends that I was going to walk back to the hotel after I was done. (Spoiler alert: after wine tasting for several hours, you don’t care about a $17 cab ride back.) In any case, as I used to tell my criminal clients – a cab is cheaper than a DUI!

The first winery I went to is called Siren Song Wines.
A Review of Three Wineries in Chelan, WA The hostess when I came in was nice, and so was the server who took care of my orders. The wines each have their own unique story, which was fun to read. The winery is still under major construction. It has potential to have a great vibe when it’s all finalized and they have their outdoor patio open. Unfortunately it was lacking in ambiance. I also wasn’t impressed by any of the wines. Because I hadn’t eaten, I planned to get a bite to eat there, but the apps were quite expensive ($20 for a cheese/crackers/meat platter).

It wasn’t a bad winery by any means, but it wasn’t for me so I finished my three glasses and went on to Fielding Hills. I do think a larger group (even just 3 people) would enjoy this winery more and I did see a bachelorette party come in and they looked like they loved it. But if you’re wine tasting solo, it may not be the right vibe for you.

All of the wineriers were on hills off of the road. The cab driver gave me tips on how to climb over the little embankment between the first two so that I wouldn’t have have to walk all the way to the bottom of one driveway, and then right back up. I really appreciated this and it saved me a lot of time. Even if someone in your party is driving, you might as well climb over and then climb back to your car.

A Review of Three Wineries, and what it's like to visit them alone, in Chelan, WA

When I got into Fielding Hills Winery I was a little nervous because they only had red wine. I’m a white-wine girl, myself. But it turns out I loved 4 out of 5 of their tasting options. The only one I didn’t like was their merlot, and I’ve never sipped a merlot I liked so that wasn’t surprising and probably says nothing about the quality of their merlot. They also had pre-packaged snacks that were very affordable and actually really good. I had crackers and peppered salami. That was a perfect combo for all of that red wine.

A Review of Three Wineries in Chelan, WA

The best part is that the bar tenders were super sweet and welcoming. Then when the sun finally came out and it warmed up, I was able to go sit outside under an umbrella and they brought the rest of my tasting out to me as appropriate. By this time, I didn’t care at all that I was wine tasting alone and originally felt like a loser. It was awesome, haha. I need time alone to recharge and that was the perfect recharging after weeks of working long hours and being under a lot of personal stress.

A Review of Three Wineries in Chelan, WA

After the weather stayed nice and warm for like 45 minutes, everyone inside came out and I felt bad hogging a seating area so I moved onto the next winery, Nefarious Cellars. But first, I took advantage of a good sale that Fielding Hills was having and bought a couple bottles of wine for later. Yum!

A Review of Three Wineries in Chelan, WA

There wasn’t a short cut between Fielding Hills and Nefarious Cellars so I walked down the hill, and then back up it. I did see people driving between the two and it looked much easier, but again, you’d need a designated driver after at least 8 tastings of wine! The view at the top of Nefarious was STUNNING.

Let’s go back to the weekend instead of to work, ok? Deal. @nefariouscellars #nofilter

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Nefarious had a kid friendly play ground, as opposed to Siren Song, which had none (maybe they will when construction is done?) and Fielding Hills which had no problem with kids running around on their gorgeous lawns. They all seemed kid friendly but as a childless person, I liked that the kids were all congregated to one area at Nefarious.
A Review of Three Wineries in Chelan, WA
The wines at Nefarious were also delish. They also had a cook book for sale written by a fellow blogger. I thought that was super neat. Because I just had a lot of red wine, I limited my tastings to the white wine. In the end, I bought a bottle of that as well.

A Review of What it's Like to go Wine Tasting Alone in Chelan, WA

This is my “I’ve tasted a lot of wine!” face.

I appreciated the service here as well and did get special treatment since I was alone. When a space was about to open up at the bar, a bartender came and got me to tell me about it. After I was done tasting and buying another bottle of wine, I called the cab service for a ride back, and walked back down the hill. A Review of Three Wineries in Chelan, WA
By this time the weather had warmed up enough to stay outside so when I got back to the hotel, I put on my bathing suit and headed to the beach! It was a perfect way to spend a solo day in Chelan, WA!

Have you ever gone wine tasting alone? What about another activity that seems awkward at first by yourself, but ends up being awesome? Tell me about it in the comments!

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