Two on TWOsday – Thanksgiving Edition


It’s Tuesday! You know what that means! I have two random things to talk to you about this morning.


This year, J and I were promoted in our Thanksgiving food assignment. We are in charge of bringing appetizers. Last year, we were in charge of utensils. This seems like a big deal. So far, our menu includes: wings, devilled eggs and jello shots.

Jello is an appetizer, right? 


I’m just hoping that since we won’t be with my family, I won’t have to face the “Why aren’t you married yet? When are you going to have kids?” questions.

Single on Thanksgiving


After this post, I won’t be posting again this week, but have no fear, I will be back next week! I may even be back for Surf the Web Saturday, but I can’t make any promises. Work is super busy this week, which is impacting my normal blogging schedule. I also think we should all rest over the Holidays! We were given rest for the Holidays during school, so why not as grown ups?

J gave me a fireplace lighting lesson after my fireplace debacle (link below)

J gave me a fireplace lighting lesson after my fireplace debacle (link below)

To hold you over until I’m back next week, I picked out the following posts that you might like:

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and last, but not least, if you think spending more time in the Word will be on your list of New Year’s Resolution, you can check out WMSB’s most popular post: How to Create a Prayer Binder in Three Easy Steps.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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    stephanie (@stephanieamber)
    November 24, 2015 at 9:31 am

    haha promoted from utensils to bringing actual food. that’s a huge deal. best of luck… and the meme about being single… spot on. maybe i should quickly print that on a shirt to wear ;D
    stephanie (@stephanieamber) recently posted…TWOsday v. 11

    • Reply
      November 30, 2015 at 12:46 pm

      I hope you made it through the holiday without being bothered! :)

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