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I spent my morning taking one of It Starts With Coffee’s blog courses and I’m feeling beyond inspired! How has your weekend been? Are you making progress on your resolutions? For now, let’s talk about some of the best posts I read around the web this week. If you think I missed one, don’t forget to leave it in the comments!

Great Blog Posts to Read

Did you have braces and forget to wear your retainer? Or do you just not want to wear metal braces? Neely is talking about Invisalign and making me seriously consider invisalign for my bottom teeth that shifted while I had a temporary crown this fall and couldn’t wear my retainer.

I discovered a gorgeous blog this week! I don’t have any specific posts to share but you should check out Blair Blogs. Her photos are so pretty!

I’ve told you guys how I feel about the Listen Money Matters Podcast. It’s awesome. They give fantastic advice on beer and money, and also have super inspiring guest interviews. I just finished the interview of the founder of NerdFitness and Level Up Your Life. I don’t know that I’m nerdy *enough* for this site, but I’m definitely adding Level Up Your Life to my reading list!

I have a confession, due to an unexpected heavy work load for the end of December, I haven’t finalized my 2016 goals/resolutions. I’m still debating if I want to choose a “one word.” Jen chose the word “Wholehearted” and I absolutely adore the idea of an internal word instead of an external word.

Finally, are you also still looking for a good planner to start your new year off right? I updated the content and links to one of my most popular posts: Paper Planners for the Young Lawyer (or anyone who likes planning).

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