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It's Friday, but Sunday is coming.

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It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming.

This day has hit me hard over the last handful of years. Until I went to a Catholic law school I never really knew what “Good Friday” was. In fact, it sounded like basically the opposite of good. Our Messiah was killed and that’s supposed to be good? There are so many wonderful resources out there that can explain it better than I can, so I won’t take your time with my words.

For an explanation, I’d recommend this video from the Passion Conference about Good Friday. It has the words in the video so if you can’t turn on the sound, you can still watch.

This isn’t my normal style of blog post, but I wanted to come here with what was on my heart today. I’ve always wondered why Christmas garnered more attention than Easter. If it weren’t for Easter, we wouldn’t even celebrate Christmas. But today, the weight of my sin weighs heavy, as the tension between the sacrifice and “He is risen” is acutely powerful.

You can read more on the history and what happened on Good Friday at this helpful post on Bible Gateway.

I pray that you have a weekend of rest, hope and peace, with the full awareness of God’s love for you. And then, that your Sunday may be a glorious day, full of joy.

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