The Blogging App That Saves Me Hours of Time Every Week


This post is an honest review. By writing this review, I can request a discount on my CoSchedule invoice and I can receive an affiliate commission for sign-ups using these links, but they are not paying me any other way and they did not specifically approach me. All opinions and screenshots are my own.
The Blogging App that saves me hours of time blogging every week
I don’t know about you, but I have a full time job outside of this blog. I love that job, however it doesn’t fulfill some of my creative tendencies. I really enjoy having a hobby that allows me to write and be creative so that I don’t spend my whole life thinking like a law school case book.

What it means, though, is that I don’t have hours upon hours each week to spend on writing, editing, picture taking, photo editing, and then promoting, like full time bloggers do. I’ve tried a few different services, apps and plug-ins, but only one has made the cut.


CoSchedule is an editorial calendar. But it’s more than just a PDF of dates of the year where you can write in the posts you hope to publish that day. It’s interactive. Each post that you write, schedule or draft shows up in the calendar. Did something come up and now you can’t post that day? Easy peasy, just move it on over with a simple drag of your mouse.

The App that saves me hours of time blogging every week You’ll see that some of those posts are scheduled for the past, but you haven’t read them. That’s because nearly every weekend in May was jam-packed with responsibilities so I didn’t have time to write them. Have no fear, though. They won’t get lost in the blank pages of my paper calendar. Because they’re yellow I can easily see that those are drafts that have not been finished or published.

In that same vein, posts that have been published are less eye catching, like the 100,000 views celebration on April 20th, and the first social share on April 21st. That post doesn’t stand out to my eyes because it’s done. But it’s even more than just a calendar, and it’s so user-friendly that it will meet you right where you, personally, need it the most.

You can use the CoSchedule app by going to their website and navigating your way through their site.

The App that saves me hours of time blogging every week

You can see that I don’t use it very frequently. (You can also see that I’m behind on posts because there aren’t any scheduled. Thanks a lot, life, for being so fun and busy!) Instead, I use the plug-in. The CoSchedule plug-in integrates directly into WordPress and because it’s right in front of my face, I remember to make use of it!

Remember all of those social shares on the calendar above? Those all came from scheduling content directly within the WordPress post editor.

While you’re writing a post, you can simply scroll past the editor box, then any other plug-ins you may have down there, and you’ll see the CoSchedule work area! (Pro tip: You can move your editing space around by clicking on the name of the plug-ins or boxes and dragging them to where you want to be.)

While I’m writing, I can see the CoSchedule plug-in, just waiting for me to keep my posts from landing in the abyss of people’s RSS feeds and Facebook timelines. How? By providing a quick and easy way to schedule out future social media shares all at once!

The App that saves me hours of time blogging every week

Before you write any posts for your Social Queue, those green check marks are grey plus signs. The plug-in layout provides suggested spacing options to add your shares, like the same day as your post, then the next day, then after a week and then a month after you hit publish. There are many other helpful elements of the plug-in, and they get upgraded ALL THE TIME.

I have only been a CoSchedule user for a few months, but in that time they’ve added Pinterest sharing (A game-changer, in my opinion), “best time” scheduling to take the guess work out of when to post unless you want a specific post-time, additional “text helpers” so that you can simply put some words between { brackets and forever save time copy-pasting content for your social shares, and then “image helpers” for the same thing.

The latest upgrade doesn’t come in my package, but I wish it did! It’s Social Queue templates. This means that if you’ve found a magical system of social sharing that works perfectly for your audience, you simply save it as a template. Then you don’t have to come in and press the grey plus signs, the sharing capability is already there, exactly where you want it! Here’s an example of the built in plug-in, straight from this post:

The App that saves me hours of time blogging every week

So let’s schedule out this post and show you how it looks.

The App that saves me hours of time blogging every week

As I look at May 24th, I can see two things. First: I have a lot of social shares for the same day on the same platform. Those are all from older posts. But I don’t have any for the 26-28th. That’s going to have to change. All I have to do is drag those to a different day to spread them out. But there’s also one more problem. That post I have scheduled for tomorrow says that 0% of my tasks are done! Remember above where I showed you that I needed to add a featured image and proof read? How embarrassing would that be for a post to go live without either of those being done?! Horrible!

It’s an easy fix. Just grab that post title, and move it out to a time when you’re actually ready. “BUT, BRITTANY!” I hear you saying. “I’ve already scheduled out a Twitter share for 10:45 am that day, and Pinterest for 8:12 pm the next! I can’t re-do all of that work!” Ahh, young grasshopper. CoSchedule has your back!

It’s a holiday weekend, so I won’t want this post going live on Monday. But June 2nd seems like a good time. And as soon as I moved this post around, all of the relevant social shares went with it, spaced in exactly the same manner I asked them to be spaced during the drafting of this post. You can also see that I easily spread out that mass of twitter posts. That was a quick click and drag as well. In seconds, I took the reins and told life, “You don’t get to ruin all of the hard work I’ve already done and make me re-do it!”

The App that saves me hours of time blogging every week

But it’s not all about you!

CoSchedule also comes with a Chrome extension so that when you’re out and about in cyber-space, you can schedule social media shares with only a couple clicks of a button.

The Blogging App that saves me hours of time blogging every week

By simply clicking the CoSchedule extension button, you can schedule out pins, tweets and facebook messages for posts that you find interesting, helpful or just plain cool, any time of day. I am a firm believer in the fact there is enough room in this blogging town for all of us. So an app that not only makes my life easier, but helps me promote other bloggers too, gets an A+ in my book.

Do you need to see more proof that CoSchedule is the right choice for you? Check out this 2 minute video on the app.

So there you have it! The app that literally saves me hours of time each week, while also helping me promote my blogging counter-parts and stay active on social media despite having a full time job is CoSchedule. For $19 a month or $180 a year, it’s worth every penny to me!

Do you have any questions about how I use CoSchedule before taking the plunge? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!

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  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 7:33 am

    Hi Brittany,
    Thanks for that killer review of CoScheudle! I’m glad you’re loving it so far! I really enjoyed that you shared some personal screenshots of how you use the tool! It looks like you’re really taking advantage of what CoSchedule has to offer!

    Thanks again, and Happy CoScheduling!

    • Reply
      May 24, 2016 at 7:58 am

      Thanks, Ryan! I’m glad you like it. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of your awesome tool!

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 7:35 am

    That is such a cool program and I love that it is fully integrated with WordPress. I will have to check it out as I too have a job outside of blogging, so I understand where you are coming from!

    • Reply
      May 24, 2016 at 7:59 am

      Jennifer, Definitely do! There is a free trial that was really helpful to me. Anything to stream-line our lives is worth a shot, right?! :)

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 7:35 am

    This looks super useful! I love organizational tools like this; being organized makes me feel so much calmer in my daily life!

    Nellwyn |

    • Reply
      May 24, 2016 at 8:00 am

      Me too! Yay type-A personalities :).

  • Reply
    Rica@Yoga Mat
    May 24, 2016 at 7:40 am

    I used Co schedule for a trial period before they added the Pinterest option. It was awesome then and I’m not sure why I never continued with it. I’ll definitely be revisiting this app. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • Reply
      May 24, 2016 at 8:01 am

      Oh, good! I’m glad to help!

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 7:41 am

    i LOVE coscheduler but i didnt know it oculd do all of those things- thank you!

    • Reply
      May 24, 2016 at 8:01 am

      Oh yay! I’m so glad I could teach you something new!

  • Reply
    Rada (
    May 24, 2016 at 8:03 am

    Awesome! I will have to check this app put! Being a busy blogger mom with so many responsibilities does require a lot of scheduling and planning :) Thanks for the tip!

    • Reply
      May 24, 2016 at 8:05 am

      Yes! Planning is key to staying consistent, but having a flexible tool that helps you schedule around real life is totally clutch. I hope you give it a shot and it helps you!

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 8:19 am

    Augh, I’ve heard so many amazing things about Coschedule. I may have to bite the bullet and just get it once I have an actual source of income!

  • Reply
    Kim @ Three Olives Branch
    May 24, 2016 at 8:35 am

    Great overview! As I get more involved with my blog I am starting to find needs for things like this. Thanks for including all the details, it helps!

  • Reply
    Giselle Rochford
    May 24, 2016 at 8:44 am

    I’ve been meaning to get coschedule for ages but some other blogging expense always comes up. You’ve definitely convinced me to find a way to get it ASAP
    Giselle Rochford recently posted…Vegan Pinto Bean Brownies

  • Reply
    Nikki Katona
    May 24, 2016 at 9:30 am

    This is perfect! I have been waiting for an app that does something like this. Thank you for sharing :)

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 9:46 am

    What a great review! I’ve been considering CoSchedule for a while and you just sold me. Thanks Brittany.

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 10:12 am

    This looks like such a super helpful app!
    Kari recently posted…Brown Sugar Chicken Thighs

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 10:45 am

    It bums me out that there’s nothing like coschedule for blogger. I use hootsuite but it’s just not the same! Someday I’ll switch…
    Susannah recently posted…Playing It Up at the Olympia Children’s Museum

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Wow this looks really helpful. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    What an awesome review of this cool feature! I got the free version but ended up not using it because I was so busy. This has been added to my summer goals!
    Rachael recently posted…5 Tips to Deal with Homesickness

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    I’ve been looking into scheduling programs since I want to get more organized. Even though I don’t have a full time job outside of the home, I have a toddler as well as a disabled family member to care for. Great explanation of how you use this scheduler.
    rebecca recently posted…Why You Should be Taking Your Infant to the Library

  • Reply
    May 25, 2016 at 6:39 am

    You’ve written a super helpful review here! I’ve seen reviews before and thought briefly about getting it, but this one really makes me wish I could afford it. As soon as I can, I’ll have to get it.
    Sarah recently posted…Anatomy of an e-Book: Book Covers

  • Reply
    May 25, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    I absolutely LOVE coShedule! It’s so helpful when trying the plan/schedule post!

  • Reply
    Angie Scheie
    May 27, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    When I make it big (or even little lol) in the blogging world I’m definitely splurging on this. It sounds amazing :-)
    Angie Scheie recently posted…Redefining Creative

  • Reply
    Justin Imel
    June 14, 2016 at 7:21 am

    What a great tool! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Reply
    Taylor Mobley
    June 14, 2016 at 8:12 am

    Very helpful. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Reply
    June 14, 2016 at 10:05 am

    I’ve heard so many amazing things about this software and I think I might give it a try when my schedule becomes overwhelming! Love this review!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

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    Patricia @ Grab a Plate
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    I definitely need to look at CoSchedule again. I’ve been trying to decide between this one and another tool, so glad to have come across your post! Thanks!

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    Thank you so much for all these tips! I’m absolutely going to look into this app!

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