Surf the Web Sundays – v. 41


The days themselves seemed to crawl by this week, but the week flew! I’m looking forward to a sunny weekend in the PNW! Hopefully it crawls just as slowly as the week.

Surf the Web Sundays: This Week's Best Posts Around the Web

I really might make this tissue paper wreath this weekend. I was just thinking the other day how much I loved doing tissue paper crafts, and wondered if kids still did them.

I’m definitely going to look into planting some flowers in front of my house. This post on how to get good flowers without breaking the bank is an awesome inspiration!

Lisa’s post about falling down and being helped back up is simply gorgeous. It was the breath of fresh air that I needed after a stressful couple of weeks.

I don’t typically love Mediterranean food, but these chicken skewers look to die for. I need to eat them right now.

ICYMI This Week: I debuted my final blog design and shared the complete list of resources I used to do it myself!

Splurge of the Week: A bowl for eating Pho at my office! haha I love Pho, but eating it at work is such a pain because the styrofoam dishes they give you aren’t big enough and it all just splashes everywhere. Problem solved!

On My Shopping List: This mint green MacBook cover. So cute!

What’s your major goal this weekend?

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