Surf the Web Sundays – v. 42


There is so much treasure on the inter-webs these days! I’ve been clipping articles and saving them in my Evernote notebook so that I could share them with you. It’s been a few weeks since my last STWS article. So I have some great gems for you today!
Surf the Web Sundays: This Week's Best Posts Around the Web

I found Amanda’s blog while googling “Facebook Groups About Debt Repayment.” She didn’t write about that, but she did share 5 blogs that inspire her to pay off debt. These are so great! Now I follow Amanda’s blog and have finally read Mr. Money Mustache, who I was avoiding for the sole reason that everyone talks about him so I doubted if he could be so awesome. He is!

Suzanne explained why she didn’t take her husband’s last name right away. The older I get, the stranger it seems that one day I won’t be my name. So I really appreciated her thoughts and could relate a lot (without knowing it when I started the post) to how she felt.

Angie wrote an incredibly thorough and interesting post on how to rock your Pinterest profile. I already know I’m going to be referencing this over and over again!

I love burritos and tacos. I could eat them several times a week and not get tired of it, especially if chips and salsa are involved. These burrito bowls by Soniya look AMAZING and are on my must-make list!

While perusing my Evernote Notebook, I found this article I had saved three years ago by the New York Bar Association on how to make a law firm business plan. This was really helpful to me back then and maybe could be helpful to you as well!

Around WMSB: I shared with you how it feels to have the freedom of owing ZERO DOLLARS on my car.

Splurge Of The Week: Two new tires and an alignment.

On My Shopping List: Another Rocksbox set! Although it’s only one monthly fee no matter how many I get, so maybe this doesn’t qualify as a shopping list.

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    chelsea jacobs
    May 23, 2016 at 5:45 am

    Those burrito bowls sound so good!

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