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Surf the Web Sundays

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Great Blog Posts and Articles Around the Web This Week

It has been a super busy, yet still fulfilling week around here. I’ll share more later, but Nadine came to visit and brought her friend Daisy. It has been SO fun and I’m writing this while they sleep before we go to breakfast. For some reason my internal clock now thinks every day is a week day and I’ve woken up at around 6:30 both Saturday and Sunday. ugh. But luckily, there are lots of awesome things to read on the internet!

Jess is ready for your to have an amazing summer, a summer to thrive, if you will.

Are you graduating this month? Or did you graduate last month? Check out this Plan for Success after Graduation by The Millennial Budget.

I hope I’m done moving for long time, but I still like to compile moving tips and tricks because you just never know. Courtney shares 6 Tips for Moving AND for Getting Your New Home Organized. Yes please!

Something I really need to get a handle on is my social media habit. It’s so easy when I’m bored or laying in bed to just scroll through social media. That time is definitely better used somewhere else. If you have the same issues, Angela has the post for you!

Despite not owning any, I’m basically obsessed with Succulents. So when Amy shared how to propagate succulents, I read every single word, more than once. Now I definitely need to go buy a few!

Around WMSB: May’s Progress & June’s Goals – This is the first month that I failed on every single goal. Ouch! But a new month means a fresh start to keep chugging along!

This Week’s Splurge: I brought home my gorgeous Kate Spade bag! She had a surprise sale and the gorgeous Sawyer Street Tori handbag was only $99! Then, I used e-bates for the very first time. It really was super easy. And now I have $3.47 in cash! I’m definitely going to be using this site from now on.

This Week’s Want: A nap. haha

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