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A few of the best articles and blog posts around the web this week, as curated by Where My Soul Belongs Blog.
Last summer, during the time that J was in Annual Training and then fighting fires, I started and finished all 10 seasons of Friends. This post at Think Journalistic about her top favorite moments between Ross and Rachel warmed my heart so much!

Juliette shares how people around us can never be satisfied with where we are in life. It starts with when are you getting engaged, when are you getting married, and then once you satisfy those requirements, when are you having babies?

Does your work cover massages? No? That’s what you think now. Here’s a post about one way your employer might offer massage coverage and you just don’t realize it right now.

Does being a full time blogger sound like an awesome life of Starbucks and yoga pants while lounging around the house watching netflix shows as “research” for your latest review post? Neely shares what her workday is really like.

Around WMSB: 6 Life Hacks I Use to Maximize Your Mornings As A Night Owl. These tips and tricks are how I manage to work full time, keep up to date on this blog, work on side-hustles, and also manage to go to work without being a grouch.

This Week’s Splurge: I’m meeting a friend to see Me Before You in a couple of hours! I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I do like to try to catch the movies made from books I loved. Me Before You was an incredible story that brought me to tears more than once. After You was also really good, but make sure to check out Me Before You first!

This Week’s Shopping List: Local honey from a farmer’s market or local/organic grocery store. I ran out about a month ago and every single morning of the last 2-3 weeks, my allergies are wondering why I betrayed them. I didn’t believe that honey would really impact my allergies, but J’s roommate told me over and over it did. Finally, I gave it a shot and he was right! A few days ago his allergies were bothering him. When I said I ran out of honey, he said he had too. Now we both have allergies. Coincidence? I think not.

Prayer for Orlando

As I was putting the final touches on this post and proof reading it before I hit publish, the news was giving updates about the shooting in Orlando at Pulse nightclub. I try not to make jump decisions immediately following these sort of events. But just now the shooter’s father issued an apology and stated that he believed his son was angry because he saw two men kissing. The shooter’s response was to intentionally go to a “gay friendly” nightclub, hold people hostage, and then shoot and kill what is currently believed to be about 50 people.

The amount of hate in this country right now is horrifying to me. My heart is broken and my stomach is sick. The father has said it was not related to religion. But there is so much rhetoric in the world about hate supported by a variety of religions (Yes, I’m looking at you, Trump) that I needed to tell you guys something:

My Jesus doesn’t believe in death, but in life. My Jesus doesn’t believe in hating the people around us, but in loving each other and pulling our brothers and sisters close. I don’t know enough about other religions to know for sure, but I cannot believe that the God of the Universe wants things like this to happen. And if you’re not religious, there is still no excuse for hate.

We are all valuable. We are all worthy. And there is no excuse for what treating humans as “less than” because you disagree with the way in which they live their lives.

I’ll update this post with links on how to help throughout the day. If you are in the Orlando area and can donate blood, here is a list of places to do so.

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