Surf the Web Sundays v. 45

Surf the Web Sundays

A week after the Orlando shooting, I am still so heartbroken. The individual stories of everyone who experienced that horror has shaken me to my core and I can only hope that love prevails through all of that hate.
A few of the best articles and blog posts around the web this week, as curated by Where My Soul Belongs Blog.
This week I found a lot of new bloggers and I’m excited to share some of their posts. A lot don’t have a twitter account that I could find. So if you’re an author of these posts, please comment with your twitter account so we can follow you!

Hannah, a trained Nutritionist, shares 10 ways to save money on healthy foods. I particularly love her advice to stretch the meat. That’s a tip I learned a long time ago and tried out just as an experiment. I didn’t think I would be able to survive with half of the protein in a dinner. But as it turns out, I never even noticed that there was less meat and more veggies! It was great!

Maybe I’m hungry with all of these posts about food, but Rachel’s Easy Butter Chicken recipe has me so inspired! I had amazing Butter Chicken when I was in Vancouver for work. I definitely need to give this recipe a shot!

Angelina talks about three things she learned in the first three months of her marriage. I like posts like this because when my friends from high school and college started getting married, they all acted like it was so fun and easy. No one was willing to talk about the hard stuff. So when someone is vulnerable enough to share that they had to learn things about themselves and their partner after marriage, I really appreciate the vulnerability.

Shantell wrote about District White Label business cards. I’m so stoked about her post because you can order 25 at a time. Gone are the days where you’re finding hundreds of outdated business cards all over your office.

How do you feel about a monthly goal to run 95 miles a week, or 350 miles a month? It’s possible!

And this post… This post by Jory about modesty rules at church youth groups/colleges/etc… It hit the nail on the head. This is an issue my best friend and I have discussed quite a bit. The shame that came from being “looked up and down” as she accurately describes it, by grown men or jealous older women, still follows us to this day. She says, “Christian feminism is about releasing girls and women from inequality, captivity, and injustice, found right in our churches. We stand firmly against oppression of any woman or man on the biblical basis of gender, racial, and social equality (Galatians 3:28).” And she’s right. It is not sending the message that girls and women are valuable, it’s sending the message that if they dress in a way that is not 100% approved by some random church “leader,” they deserve to be treated as if they are “less than.” If you’re curious about a different way to handle inappropriate dress, she gives ideas for that as well.
Life Lately: Memorial Day Weekend
Around WMSB: I recapped our Memorial Day Weekend (better late than never, right?). That post was a lot of fun for me to write, AND there’s a giveaway at the end for a MacBook and a Kate Spade tote!

Splurge of the Week: A credit card payment with the check my roommate gave me for rent. That’s a splurge right? It feels just as good as buying a new purse! I plan to write a post soon to cover the questions about the snowball method I’ve received in emails, and share my final payment plan!

On My Shopping List: Eye makeup remover. I am out. And I am so lazy that I added it to my Amazon cart (aff link). But it won’t ship unless I also buy $20 of other products, and I’m too lazy to find $20 worth of things I need. On Amazon. The website that has everything. I think I’ll go re-read the post above about running 95 miles a week and see if that will get me off of my lazy bum. Ha!

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