A Designer Refresh For A Conscious Closet

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How does your summer wardrobe look? With BBQs, campouts, boating and summer concerts on the horizon, mine could use a refresh! After four days of camping for the Fourth of July, I have officially expended all of my summer styles, and I am ready for a new pair of shorts. OK, a few new pairs of shorts, and maybe a few more light and flow-y items.

A Summertime Designer Refresh for the Budget and Eco-Concious Closet & 40% off Your First Order at thredUp

Not only that, my my work wardrobe is still pretty winter-focused, especially considering that summer keeps teasing us by showing up for a week, and then leaving us with winter once again. The problem is that I am so close to paying off my debt, that I can’t bring myself to go to the mall, even the outlet mall, and buy new clothes. I have two perfectly fine pairs of denim short shorts and two perfectly fine pairs of denim bermuda shorts.  But you know when you find yourself pulling the same clothes out of your bag to do laundry after a trip and you’re just over it? That was me.

I had heard about thredUP a few times in the past, but hadn’t looked into it. I assumed it wouldn’t have anything for me, or if it did, the items would still be out of my budget. But let me tell you, friends. I was wrong.

If you hate budget-conscious and eco-conscious fashion, stop reading now. But if your mint app shows $100,000 in student loans, and you care about dressing with the environment in mind, second-hand threads from thredUP are probably for you!

Spoiler alert: I have a special deal for you, and I could just leave it at the end, but I’m too excited. If you’re never ordered from thredUP, now’s your chance to save some serious cash. With promo code “WOW40” you can take 40% off of your first order!

While you ponder that promo code, I’ll tell you how easy it is to order from thredUP. I placed my order from my cell phone in J’s truck while we were on one of the legs of our busy 4th of July weekend. To sign up I created an e-mail account in seconds by just entering my e-email above that “join free today” box. You can also sign up with Facebook or Amazon. I’m not a fan of using Facebook to sign into everything because Facebook is creepy AF about your info. But Amazon seemed like a really cool feature!

A Summertime Designer Refresh for the Budget and Eco-Concious Closet & 40% off Your First Order at thredUp

Then, you tell thredUP what size clothes and shoes you wear. Easy peasy. From there, you can choose several different areas through which to search, women, designer, maternity, shoes, handbags, girls, boys and “basement.” Basement is like the clearance section of a second-hand store where the clothes were so well loved that they’re not in the best shape.

A Summertime Designer Refresh for the Budget and Eco-Concious Closet & 40% off Your First Order at thredUp

I am a sucker for designer fashion, so after perusing the different tabs (well, not the kids tabs), I went to the designer section to search for clothes, to see if there was really something I’d like.

I discovered that I LOVE this site! It was so easy to narrow down my search to items I was actually looking for. It was like going to your favorite string of consignment stores on one street and searching for treasure, but without having to spend the money on gas or every so often pick of that piece of clothing that smells like wet towels.

All I had to do was add the items to my card, enter my debit card number, and then move on with my weekend! A few days later, FedEx transferred the package from their hands to USPS, and it showed up with my standard daily mail. Have I said it was easy peasy yet? I did? Ok.

When I got the box, I took some unboxing photos and even a couple photos of me trying the clothes on. Then the SD Card for my new camera died. What are the odds?! So I’ll be returning that later. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter so that you can see the #OOTD posts when I wear the clothes that aren’t shown here due to that pesky SD Card! It also meant that I had to take the photos inside my living room instead of outside like the first set. So welcome to my dining room!

A Summertime Designer Refresh for the Budget and Eco-Concious Closet & 40% off Your First Order at thredUp

I even curled my hair to get ready to try on all of those clothes!

I’m learning how to use my new camera still, and don’t know the super cool editing tricks that make me look awake at 7 AM. One day I’ll get those down :).

For now, here are some photos that I snapped with my iPhone or was able to re-take before you’re reading this.


A Summertime Designer Refresh for the Budget and Eco-Concious Closet & 40% off Your First Order at thredUp

In this photo you’ll see everything I ordered. My final total after discount? $28.94. Seriously. I received a promo code for a dollar amount, instead of a percentage off amount, so that I could write an honest review for you, but because I found so much awesome treasure and went over my budget, it was not that different than the discount you’d receive when you use promo code “WOW40” on your first order!

From top left to bottom right:

Juicy Couture Jeans – Retail: $198.00 – thredUP price: $3.99 – After promo code: $1.47

Free People Denim Shorts – Retail: $68.00 – thredUP price: $16.99 – After promo code: $6.32

BCBGeneration Casual Skirt – Retail: #38.00 – thredUP price: $8.99 – After promo code: $3.30

7 For All Mankind Crop Jeans – Retail: $189.00 – thredUP price: $16.49 – After promo code: $6.05

Max and Cleo Casual Dress – Retail: $95.00 – thredUP price: $19.99 – After promo code: $7.31

Vince Camuto Casual Skirt WITH TAGS! – Retail: $89* – thredUP price: $12.49 – After promo code: $6.05

In the words of my lovely friend Rachael, this is not a drill!

*The Vince Camuto skirt has the actual MSRP tag on it for $89, but whoever sold it to thredUP got it from the Rack. On thredUP’s site, they use that price as the retail price even though they could have just taken that sticker off. So rather than their site saying it retails for $89, it says $36.97. I love that kind of honesty!

A Summertime Designer Refresh for the Budget and Eco-Concious Closet & 40% off Your First Order at thredUp I wore the Juicy Couture jeans to work yesterday and got several compliments. Someone even noticed they were new! I’ve never owned anything from Juicy (not even a velour track suit) so I wasn’t sure how I would like them, but they fit perfectly!

Today, I have some meetings so I’m wearing the Vince Camuto skirt, with a different blouse of course. I knew I’d love this skirt because I love basically everything he makes. It fits to right below my knee, which is perfect for work. It’s also super comfortable which is a great bonus when you have to also wear nylons underneath it!

A Summertime Designer Refresh for the Budget and Eco-Concious Closet & 40% off Your First Order at thredUp

These Free People shorts are going to rule the day at Watershed later this summer. They’re the perfect fit, SOOOOO soft and comfortable and just long enough to still be stylish, while not making me feel like someone sitting in the grass down the hill from me might see my hoo-ha.

A Summertime Designer Refresh for the Budget and Eco-Concious Closet & 40% off Your First Order at thredUp

The BCBG skirt photo got lost in the SD Card incident of 2016 but let me tell you, my Kindergarten style dreams came true with that one!I’m certain I had a dress in a similar pattern as a child and I’m thrilled this style is coming back! It’s a little too big. I can easily return it for free thanks to thredUP’s amazing return policy, but they don’t have it in an XS so I might just see if it’s possible to tailor it or if I can adjust the elastic band with my sewing machine.

The crop pants photo was also lost, but they fit great. Crop pants aren’t something I normally buy, but I figure’d I’d try something new. I can’t walk away from a screaming deal on a pair of 7s so it seemed like a great opportunity to see if the crop-pants-trend was for me!

Then there’s the Max and Cleo dress. I actually didn’t realize it was kind of pleated when I ordered it, and I’m glad. I didn’t think I liked pleated dresses and wouldn’t have bought it. But I LOVE this! It fits perfectly and it’s a great material. I think it would be perfect for a summer night party or even as a quick over-the-bathing suit cover up!

A Summertime Designer Refresh for the Budget and Eco-Concious Closet & 40% off Your First Order at thredUp

Thanks to all of the money I saved, I can rest easy that my summer travel budget is already in the green. Now I can repurpose that money toward food and drinks for some of the many summer-events we have planned. And by keeping summer plans in the green, I will be able to put more money toward my debt snowball at the end of summer! Who knew I could buy six new pieces of clothing and still come in under budget for my summer spending?!


The other great thing about thredUP is that they care about the environment. Rather than clothes being thrown into the garbage, thredUP has managed to upcycle 14,009,055 items as of December 2015. Fourteen MILLION! Isn’t that awesome?

ThredUP also estimates that for every “Clean Out Bag” they send to customers, it keeps 206 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, saves 17,916 gallons of water and keeps 24 items out of landfills. That’s amazing! ThredUP takes the clothes that they don’t use from those Clean Out Bags and upcycles them into all kinds of amazing items.

“What’s a Clean Out Bag?” you ask. Well, thredUP not only saves you tons of money giving you great deals on the latest fashions, it also buys your clothes, just like a brick and mortar consignment store! I know that I’m guilty of getting the urge to clean out my closet, throwing all of the clothes in a garbage bag to donate, and then leaving the bag in my closet or in my trunk for months at a time. No more! Simply order a Clean Out Kit, get it out of your mail box, put the clothes you don’t want inside, and mail it back. Easy peasy! Once they receive the Kit you’ll learn which items they have accepted, and which they reject. The payout speed depends on the value of the clothes. You can learn more by clicking the “sale” tab on the right hand side of their menu bar.

A Summertime Designer Refresh for the Budget and Eco-Concious Closet & 40% off Your First Order at thredUp

And you know how we feel about the environment over here at WMSB!

Hurry over to thredUP’s website and see what you can find! Don’t forget to use your promo code “WOW40” at check out to get 40% off of your first order. I’d love to hear what treasure you discover! Don’t forget to come back and leave a comment.

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    I just got my first order from ThredUP and love it! It’s so much fun to be able to browse their clothes and get items from the comfort of your own couch!

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    It’s always awesome to find a clothing outlet that has quality designer clothing for a great price! That dress looks especially cute, thanks for sharing!

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