August Progress & September Goals


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If you’re new here, I love to set short term monthly goals that fit with my values and hopes for the New Year’s Resolutions that I set. I think that short-term checkpoints create a greater chance for success because it keeps our goals fresh in our mind and they’re more manageable than our wild and crazy ideas from January 1st.

August Progress & September Goals

Let’s review my August Goals:

August Goals


Read 1 Book and Listen to 1 AudiobookFAIL

Physical Book: The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst – I like it so far, I was just lazy. I don’t have a single excuse for not even opening this book.

AudiobookCrash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick. My church read this book when it first came out in a group bible study, but for some reason that I don’t remember, I couldn’t participate. It seems perfect for me in this season of my life. And yet I didn’t even press play after hitting download. No excuse.

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Keep Up With My Bible Reading PASS!

I took my eyes off the Lord and put them (and all the pressure that goes along with that) on myself. It wasn’t healthy and I ended up in the doctor’s office this week to talk about being sick and stressed. Yuck. I’m not going to let that happen this month. I’m keeping my eyes on the Lord and in my Bible.  I told you guys about it so that I can be held accountable for those mornings where I’m *so busy* that I’ll *do it later.*

I am so, so happy to report that this is a pass again! And guess what, I really have felt a noticeable difference in my mood, a decrease in my anxiety and a general strength to believe in myself and have hope. Thanks, Holy Spirit :).


Redesign my Header/Feature Images – FAIL 

I made some progress on this, but I haven’t been able to commit to one yet. I tried a new style on a post this week, but I’ll keep trying them out for awhile longer.

Take a Class Using My New DSLR PASS!

Done!  I’m halfway through this Beginner Nikon DSLR class and loving it! Thanks to a promo code it was only $12.


Work Out Three Times a Week No Clue
I have no idea, which probably means no.



It’s so crazy to say this, but they’re paid off!! You can read Part One, Two and Three of how I got there. I have maintained a zero dollar balance for the last week and a half and it is a totally bizarre feeling!

August Progress & September Goals

My cousin and I got to celebrate the debt payoff in Newport Beach yesterday. So fun!

September Goals

September starts with our first real vacation. Right now I’m writing this from the gorgeous city of San Diego. It’s AMAZING. We’ve had a great time on the beach and sight seeing. I’ll have to write a post about it later. But that should also explain the brief descriptions of my goals. I hope you all have an awesome Labor Day Weekend!

August Progress & September Goals


Read 1 Book and Listen to 1 Audiobook – This goal will be present all year long. I’m determined to get these done!

Physical Book: Finish The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst.  My bible study leader gave me her copy to borrow after I told my group about the anxiety I’ve felt over the month of June. It’s been really good so far and I need to finish it!
Audiobook: Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick. My church read this book when it first came out in a group bible study, but for some reason that I don’t remember, I couldn’t participate. It seems perfect for me in this season of my life.

Keep Up With My Bible Reading

With both of my books being Christ-focused this month, this may seem like a redundant goal, but it helped so much over the last two months that I don’t want to lose sight of it again.


Do One Blog Giveaway

Any requests for what you guys would like to win??

Why: I have had a lot of goals in the past about writing x number of posts, or spend x number of minutes writing per day. These are great goals, however I have a ton of content on WMSB and spend very little time promoting it. This means that I write a post and then after a week or so, no one sees it. I’m hoping that by focusing on social media, alongside writing (which happens naturally because I love it), I will see greater success in this space.

Get Ahead One Week

I’ve been so busy that I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my writing. I’d like to get ahead so that I don’t have to worry about it. Sometimes the pressure of writing on a deadline creates writer’s block.


Run another 5k
Running is a great break in between barre workouts! Plus, I’m so competitive that I love the sense of completion when I cross a 5k finish line!

Are you interested in starting Barre? Check out my list of must-haves for your first class. Or find my Tips for Running Your First Color Run.


Come up with a payoff plan for my student loans and a posting schedule to keep you guys updated

I’d like to update my student loan payoff in a little more live-time than I wrote about my credit cards. Those were embarrassing and really hard to share dollar amounts about. But student loans haunt so many of us that I hope by writing about it as I go, it will help others to conquer those horrible debts as well!

You can read more about my debt payoff strategy here.

August Progress & September Goals
What are your goals for September? How did August go for you? Are you still on track for your resolutions? If not there’s nothing stopping you from figuring it out now, or setting new ones!
I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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