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Remember: This post is being published on Monday, if you’re reading this on Tuesday, then election day is TODAY, not tomorrow.

To all of you who don’t live in the USA and are sick of hearing about our election, I’m sorry and it’s almost over.

But for all of you who are in the USA, sick of the election or not, I just want to remind your that your voice matters. Tomorrow is election day. It’s your last day to vote. Here in WA we vote by mail and I voted early. If you’re also in a vote by mail state, make sure to fill out your ballot and get it in a mailbox or a ballot box ASAP. If you can’t do it today, make sure to double check your state’s deadline to get it post marked or in a ballot box tomorrow!

For those of you who vote at polls, first, I’m super jealous you get an I Voted sticker. Second, go vote! If you can still vote early today, then do it. If you can’t vote early today, make sure to make voting a priority tomorrow. If you have to work, check your state laws about what sort of accommodation your employer must make for you to get the opportunity to cast your ballot.

I’m not asking who you’re voting for. I’m not telling you which way you should vote. (Although, if there’s any doubt at all, and you’re curious, #ImWithHer and have been for a long time.) If you’re a white, male property owner, then your vote definitely still counts, and you’ve been able to vote since the beginning of this country. But if you’re not, then your ancestors fought to get this right. Your great-great grandmas and great-great-great-etc grand parents struggled and insisted that they not be left behind, that their vote should matter. I only learned today that Native Americans earned the right to vote more recently than women or people of color. The history of our power and our voice should not be forgotten. Remember, we’re not just voting for the president. There are state, and likely local, issues that you can be heard on.

By tomorrow you have the opportunity to be heard because of what they, the founding fathers all the way to 20th century people brave enough to stand up and demand the right to participate in their future, did to gain this incredible freedom.

And to be one last bit of sunshine before tomorrow, here’s a photo of my cat. Because no matter what’s going on, the internet loves cats.
Your Voice Matters - and the internet loves cats

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    November 7, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    Slow clap. Thank you for this!
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