November Progress and December Goals


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If you’re new here, I love to set short term monthly goals that fit with my values and hopes for the New Year’s Resolutions that I set. I think that short-term checkpoints create a greater chance for success because it keeps our goals fresh in our mind and they’re more manageable than our wild and crazy ideas from January 1st.

And suddenly, we’re done with the year! It’s crazy! 2016 was pretty rough, but also seemed to fly by. I’m glad I kept track of my monthly goals so that I could keep my eye on the prize of making 2016 personally, financially, spiritually and physically fit!

November Progress & December Goals for life, faith, fitness, blogging and finances

Let’s review my November Goals:

November Goal Progress


Read 1 Book and Listen to 1 Audiobook – Passed and Failed

Physical BookSee Me by Nicholas Sparks.  As I said last month, I borrowed this from a co-worker so I was on a deadline to give it back. I LOVED this book! It’s the first Nicholas Sparks book I read. I stopped reading his books because the story line is so similar in each one that I got bored. This isn’t your typical Nicholas Sparks book. I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for a suspenseful book with a bit of romance worked in!

Audiobook: My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. My book club picked this book for the month, and luckily, I had already used an audible credit to purchase it! However, it’s really long. Like 12+ hours long. I haven’t been able to get into the story because I keep choosing to listen to podcasts instead, and that book club had to be cancelled last month. So I haven’t felt motivated. This may go into the stacks of books I started, but didn’t finish.

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Keep Up With My Bible Reading PASS!

I’m loving the new bible study we’ve started. It’s Beth Moore’s new one, called Entrusted. I kept up in November and really enjoyed it. Let’s not talk about December though…

Floss every night Kind of

The beginning of the month started off great! I only missed Election Day, and that’s because I went to bed in such a stupor that it didn’t even occur to me. But then the holidays came and my routine got shaken up. I was traveling so I didn’t have my toothbrush reminding me to use my app. Suddenly it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I hadn’t flossed in days. I totally fell off track before I even remembered I was keeping track. Sigh.


Stay Ahead One Week Fail

Nope. I was ahead for a couple of the weeks, but I definitely didn’t stay ahead. I also gave myself the entire week of Thanksgiving off from blogging. I’ve been really overwhelmed lately and haven’t written much about that here. I needed time to just relax. I even wrote it in my planner so I wouldn’t forget. Maybe I should write “floss” in there, too!

November Progress and December Goals. Barre workout set up

I love my new yoga mat!


Work Out 15 Times this Month Unknown
Oh gosh, I don’t know. Normally I use my fitbit to track this, but I lost my THIRD fitbit charger and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Do you see a theme this month? I lost track of so much stuff! I did run a 5k which was so much fun. And I worked out a lot. But I don’t know if it was 15 times.


Keep up on my Snowball and Make a Budget for Christmas Pass!

I did this! I had to spend some of my snowball on home upgrades but it was totally worth it.

December Goals

I’m writing this post 7 days later than normal, so I have a good insight into how December is already going before telling you guys what I hope to accomplish. As I get ready for the new year, I am going to be reassessing 2016, figuring out what worked and didn’t work, and determining what I want to see accomplished around WMSB.

November Progress & December Goals - getting ready for the New Year!

Get some rest.

Stop agreeing to new events. There is so much going on in December and it all looks so fun! But it’s not my best yes.

Keep Reading America’s First Daughter, a historical fiction novel about Thomas Jefferson’s daughter.

Plan out my New Year’s Resolutions.

Review and Analyze WMSB’s past and future.

How are you handling this holiday season? Have your goals gotten off track or are they more focused than ever? Are you setting the same types of goals in December as you’ve set all year long, or are you giving yourself a break?


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    December 7, 2016 at 8:07 am

    I’m sort of giving myself a pass this month, there are a few things I wanted to accomplish in 2016 that I’m hoping to complete before the year is out but I’ve also started thinking about what I want 2017 to look like in terms of goals. My FitBit charger was lost for almost two months (WHY are they so darn small!?) I’m thinking about completely resetting it and making a fresh start in 2017.
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