10 Gifts for the New Homeowner

Diary of a First Time Home Owner, Diary of a First Time Homebuyer

When I bought my house, I suddenly realized there were a ton of gadgets and gizmos that make owning a house a lot easier, and sometimes cheaper. There are also a lot of options for keeping track of your home while you’re away at work or traveling, which was such a relief.

I didn’t realize how much peace of mind there was in living in an apartment, because someone would notice right away if something weird was going on. Now that my neighbors aren’t walking past my front door to get to theirs, I felt a little uneasy about leaving my home unattended when I would travel.

Of course, getting a roommate has helped that. But even more, smart technology that lets me check on the house has been awesome for those times I wonder, “Did I lock the front door?” Do you know someone who just bought a home? Here are some great tech and decor housewarming gifts for the new home owner.

10 useful gifts for a new home buyer; housewarming gift ideas

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  1. 6′ iPhone/iPad charging cable
  2. Energy-Saving Outlet
  3. Video Doorbell
  4. A cute cacti or pineapple welcome mat.
  5. Then, of course, there’s this one directing would-be robbers somewhere else.
  6. For the tech-savvy friend of family member, check out Alexa with the Amazon Echo.
  7. Send good vibes every time they walk into their living room.
  8. If their new home is in a large city, this city map glass would be perfect!
  9. You know how I feel about Himalayan Salt Lamps.
  10. And for your budget conscious friend, a Roku Stick to still catch their favorite shows and movies while saving money to put toward all of those home projects they can’t wait to start!

Have you attended a housewarming recently? What did you bring??

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