Student Loan Payoff Progress Report Month 14: -$112,378.52

Debt Repayment

Month 14: -$112,378.52

Welp, here’s the effect of planning a wedding, buying a wedding dress and going on two out-of-state work trips! I barely made any progress at all this month. It makes me not want to even post an update. But, that’s sort of the purpose of these posts, right? A real life look into what it’s like to pay off six figures of student loan debt. Sometimes you make huge progress, and sometimes you barely make any. And that’s OK. (I’m speaking this positive pep talk to myself right now, that’s for sure.)

If you want more detailed information, check out November’s payoff report. Remember, calling this “Month 14” is a misnomer. This is year 6 & Month 2 of payoff.

Student Loan Payoff Progress Report, Month 13: -$112,378 | law school loans, debt repayment, snowball method

Extra Income This Month

Affiliate links are used in this post, and most posts here on WMSB. If you click on a link and make a purchase, WMSB receives a small commission. You don’t get charged a penny more for this, but it keeps WMSB running, and makes my debt repayment happy.

Amazon Affiliate: $0.00, but I think I should have enough for a payout next month.

SiteGround Affiliate: $0.00

Day Designer Affiliate: $0.00

Ebates Cash Back: $0.00 sent quarterly

Sponsored Posts: $0.00 – I did apply to some but not nearly enough and I wasn’t selected for the ones I pitched.

Expected/Unexpected Reimbursements: $32. Back in May I went to Denver for work. I paid for the premium seat upgrade each way, which was like $16. The premium seats are a little bigger, you receive service a lot faster, and it includes a glass of wine and a small box of snacks, so it was totally worth it. Then the night before my flight there, and the flight home, they cancelled the premium service on the flight. Thankfully they didn’t change my seat, but no more free wine or snacks. They gave me a credit for a future flight and also said they’d refund the money. Well, they didn’t. Two emails later, they finally reimbursed my office, which meant that they finally were able to reimburse me. I put the $32 toward the flight upgrade I got coming back from Austin, which was a lot more expensive. But at least it softened that blow a little.

Also, Austin was AMAZING.

Austin, TX

Where My Payments Went

Law School Refinanced Loan: $935.00

Extra Blogging Expenses: $0.00

Discover Card: $200.00 (For comparison, last month I put $700 toward this card) – read more about how I screwed up my 0% interest repayment plan here.

Total Payments: Only $1,135.00 toward debt, but several hundred toward our wedding account and my wedding dress! Ahh!

Retirement Savings

Student Loan Payoff Progress Report, Month 13: -$112,378 | law school loans, debt repayment, snowball method We’re back to a two paycheck month. Those three paycheck months are so fun! In any case, I sometimes feel silly by the small contributions I make into each account. But my IRA has $1,000 more in it than last year, and that $270 a month for the pension really adds up! One step at a time!

Current Law School Student Loans Balances

Paying off six figures of student loan debt feels like a bottomless pit. To create this chart, you can see in red that I combined the total of my bar exam, subsidized and unsubsidized loans, so that the progress can still be tracked over time and it doesn’t look like I’m starting over. In my opinion, keeping momentum in debt repayment (and being kind to yourself if you get off track) is key to long term success.

Student Loan Payoff Progress Report, Month 13: -$112,378 | law school loans, debt repayment, snowball method

I’m looking forward to having that discover card paid off again (should be next month, again, since so much of my money went toward the wedding) so that I can see what a difference the snowball method makes on these loans! Wahoo!

I’m keeping track of how the per-day interest is impacted because I’m really curious to see what a difference making principal payments makes, and also determine what kind of daily impact refinancing my student loans is having on my life.

Before Refi Per-Day Interest: $20.34

Last Month’s Per-Day Interest: $15.77

Current Per-Day Interest: $13.56 – This makes more sense than last month’s interest per day increasing over the month before!

I refinanced with Darien Rowayton Bank. I wrote all about it in the Complete Guide to What it was Like to Refinance My Student Loans. DRB has rebranded their student loan branch into “Laurel Road.” Now I’m saving almost $7.00 PER DAY!

Student Loan Payoff Progress Report, Month 13: -$112,378 | law school loans, debt repayment, snowball method

This graph is obviously not to scale of “0” but is based on a low balance of $110,000. It is motivating, though!

I didn’t apply at CommonBond because based on the three rate quotes I received, DRB/Laurel Road was already pretty low and I was ready to start the process. I learned that CommonBond has a process of beating the rate of a competitor if theirs isn’t already lower! I am happy with DRB’s service, but now I wish I had applied at CommonBond, too! CommonBond and WMSB have teamed up to give you an exclusive $200 cash bonus if you refinance your student loans with CommonBond using this link!

Financial Goals Now:

There are still things to accomplish, and goals to achieve that I’ll discuss below. But we definitely need to take the time to celebrate the wins we achieve throughout the payoff process. If we don’t, we will burn out or get discouraged. I’m speaking from experience here.

My Debt Repayment Goals:

1) Pay off my car.

2) Pay off my credit cards.

3) Pay off the Bar Exam Student Loan. I stuck with the snowball method, to pay off the bar exam loan, and it totally worked!

4) Re-evaluate my savings and retirement plan.5) Tackle the accrued interest from my income based repayment plan. CHANGE OF PLANS! Refinance my Student Loans.

6) Reduce Student Loan Balance by $10,000 to $104,500. I’m coming for you, law school student loans! It’s strange to not have a snowball anymore. So I’m tracking my repayment in increments.

NEW: 6b) Save my half of the cash for our wedding. This is the most fun and emotional savings goal I’ve ever had!

engagement photo by South Sound Weddings

We got our engagement photos back last night. They’re STUNNING! Our photographer, South Sound Weddings, did an incredible job!

7) Reduce Student Loan Balance to less than $100,000. When I hit that $99,999.99 mark, I think we should celebrate!

Thanks for coming alongside me during this journey. I’ve loved hearing your stories too. You can leave it in the comments, or tell me about it on Facebook or Twitter!

Common Questions: 

Here are answers or insight into a few common questions that have come up during this process:

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    November 8, 2017 at 8:52 am

    my debt repayment basically was on complete pause while we planned our wedding because sh-t is SO EXPENSIVE in the wedding industry. getting married with the wedding paid off was amazing. i looked at it like true pausing of the debt snowball. i knew that if we saved aggressively and DIDN’T spend any of that money, we could throw it right back into paying off our debt when the wedding was over.

    be easy on yourself and keep posting because i think that it’s good to see the difference between where minimal payments and aggressive payments gets you and how much more it moves the needle when you can have a complete focus on debt repayment.

    also i love reading your debt repayment, even if it’s small. keeps me motivated :D
    stephanie recently posted…Debt Repayment Recap 2.0 – The Beginning

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    January 17, 2018 at 9:12 pm

    Hi Brittany, just stopping by to say that I hope all is well. Miss reading your updates, but hope you’re enjoying your time away from this space. All the best!
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